Saturday, September 8, 2012

A new page in my life ...

I am abandoning this blog because I've gone through a horrific amount of upheaval over the past couple of years, lost sight of blogging and turned a brand new page in my life. I hope to become much more proactive about blogging and sharing - reading my friend's blogs.

That's why a brand new blog was in order. Please follow me at I will RTF.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Beautiful Life In Spite Of Chaos

I've had some big "aha" moments here lately. One has involved the regular struggle that accompanies monumental changes that a person faces when she's going through divorce, moved to a brand new location, started a completely new job, shopping all new grocery and department stores, finding new locations to hike and much more.

While the women-friends I've made at this new location have families or other preoccupations and are not always available to hang out on the weekends or after work, for my own social reasons, and in hopes of finding a worthy companion, I've attempted to date men. Each time, the very short romance has ended with me realizing something amazing about myself that I'd neglected to observe before. I've also felt very glad to exit each relationship that, due to my date's misrepresenting himself from the onset, caused me to feel like I was escaping a crazy atom bomb.

That reality has caused me to realize I can be way too trusting of people, when I first meet him/them. When a man tells me "I adore you." "You belong to me." "I belong to you." I have had the tendency to really genuinely wanna believe him. (Silly me.)

When he turns out NOT to be a man of his word - and I find him fooling around with another woman, or - worse - having an emotional breakdown if I don't answer my cell phone on the first ring - I end the relationship and feel so grateful that the irregularity of such romance ended SOONER rather than later in life, when two lives have become more enmeshed.

All these quick lessons aside, after any breakup, I get too caught up in my thoughts and rethink every exchange I have had with the former date - wondering how much of that irregular scenario was my own fault. I become so stuck in my head, in fact, that I make horrible mistakes, like leave my purse sitting on a chair outside the coffee house, next to a very busy street (where any dishonest person could so easily grab it).

Beating myself up over such oversights does NOTHING to fix the problem. Instead, I am being shown beautiful things ... such beauty, in fact, I couldn't wait to write about it.

Last night, for instance, the same day I lost my purse (only to return to the coffee shop later and realize the cashier had it safe behind the counter - to my utter glee and unbelievable relief) I was being very conscious about where I keep all my belongings as I continued to move about and around town. Because I went to the movie house, after shopping Barnes & Noble for a self-help CD (book on tape), I scolded myself long enough about the stupidity of mis-locating my purse earlier to remain highly conscious of where I kept all my things, my shopping bag and purse included.

Yet when the movie ended? My Barnes & Noble bag was missing. I thought I had kept the CD on my lap throughout the movie but suddenly it was not there - so I looked under the theater seats and all around and asked the clean-up crew if they could help me find it. They could not. I called the theater later, after driving home, and learned someone had turned my shopping bag in to the lost and found. All my careful planning (about being accountable with my things) had failed me.

After soaking in a mediation bath - seeking clarity of thought about this - asking ancestral spirits and allies for guidance on why I keep losing things, I felt convinced that these experiences have transpired to offer a powerful lesson for me.

Not only am I being shown the goodness of humanity as people have NOT stolen my lost items, but very kindly and generously put them in a place where I could return and collect such, but I am also being shown that no matter how carefully I plan my life (my career, my living situation) I am absolutely not the one in charge.

There are always many powers and energies swirling around in the Universe. My job is merely to be grateful that I am being watched over, and to claim that reality for myself. Patience is something that I'm being FORCED to embrace. Even through all the most difficult lessons that I've endured in life, I have this powerful revelation that I have never been alone. Goodness has always prevailed. My most diligent work and calculating is not what blesses me (not even when that's what I was taught as a child - that hard work and foresight alone produce good results).

So today? I thank my ancestors, the demi-gods and angelic beings who align with me to protect me from suffering too much harm thanks to my own human frailties.  I'm embracing that fact that I am not alone - even while I walk through the shadows of uncertainty. Many who cannot be seen are truly with me. Aho!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shamanic Journey (Workshop) ~ San Pedro, CA

DRUM MEDICINE: Shamanic Journey (a healing workshop for the soul)

Using the slow and rhythmic beat of a drum, Hypnotherapist Tami Jackson will lead participants on a Shamanic Journey, which feels very much like a dream state or trance experience. Many who go on a shamanic journey gain the sense of flying or breathing under water or even soul traveling (leaving their bodies). This workshop is a powerful tool for gaining personalized spiritual information.
WORKSHOP GOALS: For each participant to experience dream travel to meet your personal guardian spirit, your male and female ancestors, and your personal spirit-helper who will guide you safely during this soul journey.
Shamanism is a path of exploring soul knowledge. It is not related to any dogma or church affiliation. The knowledge gleaned from any Shamanic journey is highly personal to each participant. A Shamanic Journey is very much a form of hypnosis. The beat of a drum, or "drum medicine," as well as the hypnotherapist's voice used at the beginning of the shamanic journey, will put each participant into a trance or "dream state" where personal goals for greater self knowledge can be readily explored.

* Yoga mat or blanket to lay on.
* Eye pillow or bandana for the eyes.
* Personal journal and pen to write with.
* A pillow for comfort.
* An open mind and willingness to discuss your dream-state experience with others.

WHEN: Saturday, January 28th, 2012
WHAT TIME: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
WHERE: San Pedro Health Center
302 W. 5th St. #101, San Pedro 90731
COST: $20/person

San Pedro Health Center phone: 310.832.5818
hypnotherapist website:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Many Amazing Things Keep Happening

I feel like writing another list to organize my thoughts. So that's what I'm doing.

1. I really enjoy rewarding hard work. So when wait staff at a restaurant provide me with great service I like tipping way above and beyond expected norms. It makes me happy. I feel like I am rewarding someone for going to work instead of giving that money to someone whose standing along the side of the road with a "need cash" sign. I know the way I think is not how everybody on the planet thinks. Yet I feel that giving cash to a beggar rewards begging behavior.

2. I really believe magic happens. I think it's a rather simple concept but socialization has conditioned us to think magic is not real or within anyone's grasp. Meanwhile - the more I practice a magical life - the more incredible and amazing things keep happening for my benefit. I wish everyone could see how awesome that feels and practice the law of attraction (more) to enhance their lives.

3. I feel so grateful for my Reiki clients. Getting paid the same amount to get into a zen and peaceful state of being as I get paid to do hard and physically grueling massage therapy just really puts amazement and variety into my day. *Too much happiness!*

4. I am so grateful that I follow my own intuition. I keep getting rewarded for it. That in itself feels rather magical. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well? Some thoughts.

I really liked what Breath-e did on her blog and posted a list of sentiments she currently feels so I'm going to do similarly.

1. I feel incredible relief because my dog's surgery is finally over. He's feeling so much better (I must correct him occasionally because now he's full of energy and suddenly wants to bark at outside noises). I have a strong legitimate hope and belief that he will live many happy and healthy years in the future with me still.

2. I love my new life in Southern California. That doesn't mean experiencing all that's unfamiliar and new feels "stress free." I just genuinely believe that I deserve peace, harmony and love in my life and I'm in awe by the way that keeps manifesting for me here!

3. I'm wondering how long I will live as a single person. Intellectually, I would really like to feel full of resolve to remain self efficient, forever, as Queen Elizabeth I of England did. I keep searching my own soul and wonder if that's possible for me. I've never wanted solitude in the past but the more people I meet and the more irregular behavior I see in others, the more I want to live alone (while being very active, supportive and connected socially).

4. I have come to realize an imbalance often happens when I go out to eat with a "friend." (I've witnessed this happen with a few different people, lately.) I'm beginning to feel put out by companions who drink expensive mixed drinks, sometimes three with a meal, while I'm watching my budget and waste-line and drink water, iced tea or diet soda, and when the bill comes my dinner companion insists on splitting the meal ticket directly down the middle. I'm realizing I need to respect the adult in others and insist they pay for their own drinks from now on. I wonder why I have continued to allow that sort of behavior when I feel resentful later. *Live and learn.*

5. I am really eager to participate in neighborhood planning, clean up, and social response efforts and feel so glad to have been allowed to align with the established group in this area.

6. I'm so grateful for my new work place. I really like everyone I am working with. In the past I have had bosses who felt threatened by my drive. Here I feel highly rewarded for every small effort made. It inspires me to work harder - to become smarter - and this genuinely feels like the best possible work environment for me.

7. Any time I miss someone from home I call them or send them a video of me in my jammies with morning hair. Then I feel like we connected on some secretly intimate level and everything is still okay with the world.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling So Sexy In The Sun ...

It's amazing how sunshine can make ya feel so much more attractive. I'm not kidding. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that warmer weather means I'm no longer having to wear long-johns under my jeans in July, so my legs can move more freely, or maybe it's just that I feel so much happier waking up to a sense of peace each morning (and not to someone else's crabbiness) but the honest truth is that I feel SEXY in my spaghetti strap tops and wispy skirts and I have the most fun walking my adorable pug down the sunny sidewalks. I love how other pedestrians smile when they see my dog.

California is just so fun. There are many differences here that bear witnessing (compared to Seattle). For one thing? There are many more people enjoying the weather. If they're not walking a dog on some leash, they're bicycling or skate boarding or jogging. So often around Seattle, especially when it's raining, the sidewalks remain bare. The cultural diversity is really something to take notice of here as well. Southern California feels a lot more like New York that way. I've met people from all over the globe (Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Canada, the USA ... here) and while that same sort of diversity might exist in Seattle the different cultures tend to exist in pockets and don't mix so readily there. Here? Everyone talks to everybody and there doesn't seem to be any imaginary dividing lines for eating, living, talking.

Just yesterday, as I was buying a mop for my new apartment, a black man sitting on the sidewalk called out to me suggesting that I was the very woman he was looking for. For a weak moment I thought it might be fun to recruit him - perhaps get him to move this box there and that heavy thing here - but then I decided I'd have to feed and house him (and who knows what else he'd expect). So I was happy leaving him sit where I found him. 

Later that night I woke from a dream to hear my pug snoring and for a brief moment thought maybe I had actually lost my mind and brought that homeless man back to the apartment with me. (Thank goodness it was just a dream.)

My heart is just spilling over with gladness for the way all things are working together here. Not only did I land the most incredible apartment (where I can see the ocean from my front window) but the building's pets all get along. My neighbors are completely awesome in every way. I'll admit that two of the men I've met who live in this building are definitely eye candy and I work hard not to stare but I'm no threat to their wife and fiance. (Feel rather sick of a particular man on so many levels right now).

My apartment mates are all very cordial and I'm doing everything in my power to make sure things remain that way. One of the women brought me the flowers (pictured) as a welcoming gift with her phone number on the card. She told me she thought my daughter (who helped me move my things into the apartment) was my gay lover. While that seriously made me laugh, I'm sure Christina would be horrified by such a speculation.

I went on my first job interview today and really felt like I connected with the business owner and the other staff. I go back tomorrow to provide the exiting massage therapist with a courtesy massage ... hopefully I'll get hired after that.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and encouraging words. It's meant the world to me. I really believe your good wishes are definitely helping to make things fall into place so much more smoothly than they could have without such supportive energy. While I felt like I had no choice but to leave the situation I was in - I feel so awesomely grateful that things have worked out as readily as they have. Certainly there have been bumps in the road (like when my truck wouldn't fit in the new garage and it took a full day to trade it in for a smaller vehicle ... or when I learned California banks do not easily communicate with Washington banks when transferring funds - and visa versa and that meant I nearly bounced checks to my landlord and to the auto dealer) but none of those difficulties -- that ate up valuable time and effort -- really mattered too much. Not when I'm on an ADVENTURE for pursuing a better reality.

With all my heart, I THANK YOU for all your kindness, love, and supportive sentiments. Onward and forward for both you and me! May we both experience a much happier and more fulfilling tomorrow. May you pursue all your wildest dreams ... as I am also pursuing mine.

Love and light,
~ SunTiger

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fortune Sides With She Who Dares

So? Christina and I arrived in Southern California last night (where I hope to make my home). On this Independence Day (4th of July) I celebrated my new emancipation by driving around with a uHaul trailer in tow looking for an apartment to rent. Unfortunately, most apartment managers are NOT working today but I did get a good look at the lay of the land here. It's utterly beautiful but stressful pulling a double-axle trailer down narrow streets where folks parked on both sides of the road. So many apartments do NOT provide parking other than on the street ... which, just like scuffing one's feet on a dry carpet before touching something metal...gave me a bit of culture shock. (Most apartments in my former state, Washington, have parking lots if not parking garages.)

While driving, I managed to be distracted by an oil truck that postured as though to block my exit from the 7-Eleven store and managed to pull out too slowly in front of a cop who pulled me over. In the process of NOT giving me a ticket, he made it very clear that he's divorced. I kept feeling grateful he was not asking for my vehicle registration, since I'd taken it out of the vehicle to research my truck's warranty last night ... forgot to put the documentation back. Even still - he let me go without so much as a warning.

Even though the cop was sorta cute ... I'm so very much NOT wanting any kind of romantic relationship (and he seemed to be seeking). Really feel burned out on all that partner ranting and attempting to control someone else scenario. Makes me shudder to THINK about dating anyone - if ya wanna know the truth. I'd imagine a police officer would eventually create chaos - thanks to all the stress their profession provides and makes them addicted to adrenaline.

At any rate ... I plan to watch the fireworks tonight. Hope this update finds you celebrating life and every freedom you have with all your might. While I'm glad to be past all the painful lessons or wisdom that life has brought my way so far -- I'm much more grateful to have the ability to move far and beyond obvious mistakes to celebrate freedom and INDEPENDENCE. Whoot!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Creepiest Local Haunted House I Know About


William R. Rust House - 
1001 N. I St.
Tacoma, WA, USA
This notable landmark, the Colonial style William Ross Rust House is a private estate built in 1905 in North Tacoma, Washington, USA, and it has quite a bit of fascinating mystery and gossip surrounding itThe photo, right, is widely available on the Internet as a public document. And here's a high resolution photo of the William Ross Rust house (worth the peak).

I first heard of this house a week or two ago and have continued to feel haunted by the stories surrounding it. Deciding I should investigate to learn more, I quickly realized that what's available through typical research means (e.g., common Google search) only created more questions for me when documentation about this house, and the family that lived here, didn't match either the stories I'd heard or messages I had gleaned, intuitively.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What A Rough Day For A Psychic Reader Looks Like

Providing intuitive readings in person is so different from doing them at home via the computer, where I'm sitting in a quiet and controlled environment. In many ways, in-person readings are MUCH easier because, in addition to feeling the energies, I can actually see the person's gender, facial expressions, the clothes, see posture (people give away many clues about themselves just by the way they hold their shoulders). Perfume also tells a reader something about the wearer.

What's difficult about doing readings in person is there's much less control of the external environment. For example: Maybe I'm giving a reading at a psychic fair and there are other people walking by (bringing all their wafts of energy/smells/attitudes around the reading). Often there's also music blaring or people talking and laughing loudly from the background. Those distractions make it more difficult to pay attention to the subtle energies that must be considered for a good psychic reading.

Meanwhile - yesterday - while the store was mostly quiet, I provided a reading for a woman whom I immediately associated with one of my own sisters with her posture, aromas and mannerisms. The way she held her head, the way she was aging, the way she'd nod to confirm she genuinely identified with the message I conveyed from the runes - all looked like my sister to me. Then, after the reading, but before the woman left, she asked if I ever do medium work. It was very clear to me that she had "female energy" and "a mother figure" near her. So I vocalized that fact.

"No." The woman said. "It would be my son whose with me."

I said: "But your mother. She's passed on and people see the bigger picture once they've passed. She understands more now."

The woman then admitted her mother had passed just three months ago. Meanwhile she had not gotten along with her mother and didn't want to talk to her. She only wanted to talk to her son and if not with him she didn't want to talk to anybody.

Long story short - my customer left in a huff (frustrated that I did not have a message from her son). Trouble is - I do not conjure spirits. I only read what I see, hear, smell or feel. 

Customers who have false expectations are what make my work feel difficult and even disappointing on occasion. When YOU get an intuitive reading, dear adorable blog-reader, for the best possible experience, just be open to learn whatever message comes through the reader and don't try to control the message.

Listen, weigh what you hear and consider whether it's truthful and whether it helped you or not. If it was helpful? Consider going back to that reader again in the future. If not? Never return. After all, truth, honesty and integrity all help to keep good psychics on the payroll over time. Dishonest readers don't last for very long. Good readers? Well, you know one when you've met one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ever Have Those Strong Spiritual Yearnings?

I have often been criticized by well-meaning people for constantly pursuing new interests but in truth, emotionally, I could not help myself. On a deep and soul level I have often felt OVERWHELMED with the desire to study some new topic or other and these promptings would come with such a powerful sense of urgency I could not refuse them.

So while I've mastered Reiki, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and Pallomancy (any of a number of divination methods such as the Nordic Runes, Tarot, and meditative trance) I've also felt driven to volunteer in a few different community ventures which have given me experience with gardening and emergency response efforts. Beyond that? Writing stories has been something I've felt ridiculously passionate about since a very little girl and I've often earned my salary as a writer/editor (writing about a wide variety of topics and studies).

Meanwhile - figuring out how to combine all my academic credentials, spiritual quests and work experience and organize all that into one tidy package for earning an single income has NOT been a path that I've ever seen traveled down before. So I admit it. Sometimes I have wondered: "Where am I going with all of this?"

Well? Now it's all happening! As of today, I'm getting to put nearly all my talents to use IN ONE PLACE!

First? I went to an interview today and after doing an on-the-spot Rune casting/psychic reading, the store owner decided I was qualified to present my wares from inside her shop so I'm now working at Crescent Moon Gifts as the "psychic," every Monday, from noon until 6 p.m..

Then? This Saturday, I'll be offering chair massage all day for the spring celebration that same store is sponsoring. Then? I'll be presenting these fabulous classes/events for customers who sign up for them:

* Tues., May 17, 7-9pm Tribal Healing Ceremony, $10
* Tues., May 24, 6-8pm Pallomancy Class (pendulum divination) $10
* Sat. June 11, 10 a.m.-noon Shamanic Journey, $15

Beyond all of that ... we're talking about other courses I'm qualified to teach. I have no doubt that all these new experiences will give me new for fodder for writing and I know a few magazines that are now calling for submissions. Life just keeps getting BETTER and better! *I will continue working for myself in all these ventures and I will continue providing intuitive readings via the Internet and through my website,

Point of this posting? When you feel a strong yearning to do something - even if it doesn't make sense to you at the time - ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

Love and light,
~ SunTiger

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been Providing Readings On-Line For More Than Four Years Now

I was trying to decide how long I have been providing psychic readings on-line. It's really an incredible spiritual practice, for me, because clients can hide behind pseudonyms when they hire so I don't know so much as their gender before I begin the reading. And when I'm able to tell them details about their life, or about their romantic partner's life, it's just really incredibly validating. Confirmation received via customer feedback seriously inspires me to keep doing this work as well.

When I first started doing Internet readings, the business that hosted my virtual office, and collected payment information from customers, was called Kasamba. Now it's known as LivePerson

When I first signed on, I wasn't even sure I would be able to do effective psychic readings over the Internet. That's because I wasn't entirely sure where the information I received, intuitively, was actually coming from. Previously, I'd been doing readings in person and thought maybe I had been reading people's body language or possibly getting information telepathically. As when a woman walked into my metaphysical shop and I just suddenly exclaimed: "You're here because your husband is cheating on you." I thought maybe I'd read her mind. (Later I scolded myself - after I realized I could be destroying marriages if I conveyed messages that a spouse was not aware of. Fortunately, in that case, the woman did actually know about her husband's affair. That was exactly why she had come to see me.)

My experiences from doing Internet readings since then has definitely expanded my beliefs about psychic ability, and taught me quite a bit more about where intuitive messages come from. It has proven to me that we as people are deeply connected on a much more Cosmic/energetic level and no deed committed is ever really forgotten by the Universe or truly hidden. In fact, I've been able to tell people things that they were not thinking about - or maybe didn't even know, first hand. 

I remember one gal who hired me via Kasamba and asked what happened to a particular man she knew. (That was all the instruction she gave me.) So I went into meditation and suddenly saw this man, dressed nicely in a pressed shirt and trousers, sitting inside a 4-door sedan, but I kept seeing guns and not just one gun, but I'd see a hand gun, then a rifle, and the guns and shapes kept changing. I'd see guns in the trunk of the car and then in his hands. After I told my customer that "nobody can truly know another person's grief" and admitted that the man had killed himself with a gun, she admitted he had been a police officer and was indeed shot and his death had been ruled a suicide. She just couldn't imagine why her father would possibly have WANTED to kill himself and suspected foul play.

One woman who hired me over the Internet was expecting a grand-baby and wanted to know its gender. As I looked into that infant's life I saw that doctors would be concerned with a "condition" that the newborn had - looked to me like it would have a larger than normal head. Time teaches intuitive readers (like me) to really hone the skills and to be more gentle about delivering sensitive messages. Yet I had not learned every good lesson yet and I simply blurted this information to the grandma via the email exchange. Naturally she was very upset with the news and while I attempted to console her - afterwards - admitting that the baby would be alright later, would be deeply loved and would just be a little "slow" at first - my customer would not be consoled. Six months later I got an email that the baby had been born and the doctors were doing tests on her. The child did indeed have a larger than normal head and they suspected Downs Syndrome but that was later ruled out and a very grateful grandma said the child was progressing rapidly with a little extra help and care. 

So now, after hundreds of readings successes, as I'm looking through my Internet ratings, I'm seeing that my first review was written back on Feb 13 2007. Not every customer who hires me through that system rates my reading or writes a review. I don't know what all the reasons for that are and I suspect some folks might not want anyone knowing they paid for a psychic reading, like maybe their pseudonym is recognizable or something. (I'm sure there are LOTS of reasons for not leaving feedback.) Yet judging by the feedback I have received, I've been an internet psychic for more than four years now! (It honestly doesn't seem like it's been that long.)

I did do one reading, a few years back, where I was haunted by a dark shadowy figure that floated near the ceiling afterwards. I learned during the reading what a negative and creepy person that customer actually was. That dark shadowy figure only stayed in my home for about an hour but it definitely inspired some of the lines I wrote inside of my vampire novel, Ravena & The Resurrected. (So in the end, I was blessed by that rather creepy "visitation.")

All this being admitted, I must say that I have lots of room to grow as a psychic. Doing work like this absolutely does NOT mean I know everything. I'm not walking through crowds of people hearing their individual stories or reading their minds and I'm not haunted on a regular basis. My experiences have never looked anything like television says happens to mediums. At least, while I enjoy watching television shows like "Medium" (which tells real-life experiences endured by Allison DuBois, criminal investigator/medium) I'm not ever haunted in my sleep by ghostly dreams or anything.

Meanwhile, I keep wanting to expand my capabilities and this is why I continually work at my craft and always seek to improve my abilities for providing mystic readings. Some day I would LOVE to help solve crimes (learn if I'm ever good enough at my psychic abilities to do police-type work). That, to me, would be the ultimate sort of career. I hope, one day, that I get a chance to help find solutions to unsolved mysteries but for now I'm more than thrilled to help people sort through the options that life presents them with - so they can make the wisest choices and realize the happiest possible outcomes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes So Much Happens - Minds Feels Blown By A Whirlwind

In addition to my writing, I'm looking for part-time work in the massage therapy industry. Already this week, I've gone on two separate interviews and they were so dramatically different from each other, I just thought to share the most obvious contrasts.

Instant connection with both individuals doing the interview. Like magic and miracle, we had so many things in common, there was no WAY I could walk away from this job offer. Here's a quick list of commonalities the three of us shared.
  • Totem animals tattooed on our arms
  • Respect for Shamanism
  • Dog owners
  • Massage Therapy work experience and education
  • Enthusiasm for all things vampire
  • A passion for learning and evolving
One of the interviewing women actually had bats tattooed on her body when I'm a bat ambassador for Bats Northwest. With everything running so smoothly and professionally, is it any wonder that I was hired on the spot to work two days a week? :-D

Nervous or fidgety spa owner knew very little about his own business. He could not provide a clear answer about how much pay he was offering, and could not describe the uniform that he insisted was mandatory, but kept repeating that his was a Christian business. While I wondered why he repeated that declaration (over and over) and said things like: "We don't open on Sunday because we are Christians here." and "This is a Christian business. We are all Lutherans." and "We practice Christianity here." I began to wonder if he required his staff to stand in a circle, hold hands and sing "Cumbayá" or something. (I wasn't sure why he kept restating "this is a Christian business, when I had completely accepted that reality the first time I heard it.)

After the third time he said "This business is Christian run," I asked him quite directly, "I'm not sure what you are implying. Does that mean, if I choose to work here, that I will be required to go to prayer meeting or something?" 

While he denied that would ever happen, the job he offered was just as chaotic as his interview. He wanted me to work on-call exclusively and arrive at work on as little as an hour's notice. Is it any wonder I decided NOT to take that job? Note: To be honest, he said "he'd call me" and didn't officially offer me the job anyway.


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