Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well? Some thoughts.

I really liked what Breath-e did on her blog and posted a list of sentiments she currently feels so I'm going to do similarly.

1. I feel incredible relief because my dog's surgery is finally over. He's feeling so much better (I must correct him occasionally because now he's full of energy and suddenly wants to bark at outside noises). I have a strong legitimate hope and belief that he will live many happy and healthy years in the future with me still.

2. I love my new life in Southern California. That doesn't mean experiencing all that's unfamiliar and new feels "stress free." I just genuinely believe that I deserve peace, harmony and love in my life and I'm in awe by the way that keeps manifesting for me here!

3. I'm wondering how long I will live as a single person. Intellectually, I would really like to feel full of resolve to remain self efficient, forever, as Queen Elizabeth I of England did. I keep searching my own soul and wonder if that's possible for me. I've never wanted solitude in the past but the more people I meet and the more irregular behavior I see in others, the more I want to live alone (while being very active, supportive and connected socially).

4. I have come to realize an imbalance often happens when I go out to eat with a "friend." (I've witnessed this happen with a few different people, lately.) I'm beginning to feel put out by companions who drink expensive mixed drinks, sometimes three with a meal, while I'm watching my budget and waste-line and drink water, iced tea or diet soda, and when the bill comes my dinner companion insists on splitting the meal ticket directly down the middle. I'm realizing I need to respect the adult in others and insist they pay for their own drinks from now on. I wonder why I have continued to allow that sort of behavior when I feel resentful later. *Live and learn.*

5. I am really eager to participate in neighborhood planning, clean up, and social response efforts and feel so glad to have been allowed to align with the established group in this area.

6. I'm so grateful for my new work place. I really like everyone I am working with. In the past I have had bosses who felt threatened by my drive. Here I feel highly rewarded for every small effort made. It inspires me to work harder - to become smarter - and this genuinely feels like the best possible work environment for me.

7. Any time I miss someone from home I call them or send them a video of me in my jammies with morning hair. Then I feel like we connected on some secretly intimate level and everything is still okay with the world.


Breath-e said...

Everything is okay with the world.

I just had to say it for myself too.

Fijufic said...

I never order drinks with a meal and if you happen to be treating I order on the cheap. No appetizers or desserts for me...

My sister is the opposite. Drives me batty.

Good list. I may follow your lead.


SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~ Thank you for being an inspiration!

Bobby ~ I sometimes splurge and buy expensive mixed drinks for myself. Yet when I'm not splurging (have tightened my belt figuratively and literally) I don't feel like I should be paying for others adults when I did not offer to do it in the first place. (I know you understood that.)


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