Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What A Rough Day For A Psychic Reader Looks Like

Providing intuitive readings in person is so different from doing them at home via the computer, where I'm sitting in a quiet and controlled environment. In many ways, in-person readings are MUCH easier because, in addition to feeling the energies, I can actually see the person's gender, facial expressions, the clothes, see posture (people give away many clues about themselves just by the way they hold their shoulders). Perfume also tells a reader something about the wearer.

What's difficult about doing readings in person is there's much less control of the external environment. For example: Maybe I'm giving a reading at a psychic fair and there are other people walking by (bringing all their wafts of energy/smells/attitudes around the reading). Often there's also music blaring or people talking and laughing loudly from the background. Those distractions make it more difficult to pay attention to the subtle energies that must be considered for a good psychic reading.

Meanwhile - yesterday - while the store was mostly quiet, I provided a reading for a woman whom I immediately associated with one of my own sisters with her posture, aromas and mannerisms. The way she held her head, the way she was aging, the way she'd nod to confirm she genuinely identified with the message I conveyed from the runes - all looked like my sister to me. Then, after the reading, but before the woman left, she asked if I ever do medium work. It was very clear to me that she had "female energy" and "a mother figure" near her. So I vocalized that fact.

"No." The woman said. "It would be my son whose with me."

I said: "But your mother. She's passed on and people see the bigger picture once they've passed. She understands more now."

The woman then admitted her mother had passed just three months ago. Meanwhile she had not gotten along with her mother and didn't want to talk to her. She only wanted to talk to her son and if not with him she didn't want to talk to anybody.

Long story short - my customer left in a huff (frustrated that I did not have a message from her son). Trouble is - I do not conjure spirits. I only read what I see, hear, smell or feel. 

Customers who have false expectations are what make my work feel difficult and even disappointing on occasion. When YOU get an intuitive reading, dear adorable blog-reader, for the best possible experience, just be open to learn whatever message comes through the reader and don't try to control the message.

Listen, weigh what you hear and consider whether it's truthful and whether it helped you or not. If it was helpful? Consider going back to that reader again in the future. If not? Never return. After all, truth, honesty and integrity all help to keep good psychics on the payroll over time. Dishonest readers don't last for very long. Good readers? Well, you know one when you've met one.


Fijufic said...

Sorta like going to McDonald's and expecting a whopper...Not going to happen...

SunTiger said...

Well? I think intuitive readings have been shrouded in so much mystery because science still does not understand how the brain works, and for all the reasons I mentioned (where the reader needs a little bit of quiet to do a super focused reading) readings are often done behind a curtain ... so the public really genuinely does not KNOW what to expect from a card or rune reader.


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