Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling So Sexy In The Sun ...

It's amazing how sunshine can make ya feel so much more attractive. I'm not kidding. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that warmer weather means I'm no longer having to wear long-johns under my jeans in July, so my legs can move more freely, or maybe it's just that I feel so much happier waking up to a sense of peace each morning (and not to someone else's crabbiness) but the honest truth is that I feel SEXY in my spaghetti strap tops and wispy skirts and I have the most fun walking my adorable pug down the sunny sidewalks. I love how other pedestrians smile when they see my dog.

California is just so fun. There are many differences here that bear witnessing (compared to Seattle). For one thing? There are many more people enjoying the weather. If they're not walking a dog on some leash, they're bicycling or skate boarding or jogging. So often around Seattle, especially when it's raining, the sidewalks remain bare. The cultural diversity is really something to take notice of here as well. Southern California feels a lot more like New York that way. I've met people from all over the globe (Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Canada, the USA ... here) and while that same sort of diversity might exist in Seattle the different cultures tend to exist in pockets and don't mix so readily there. Here? Everyone talks to everybody and there doesn't seem to be any imaginary dividing lines for eating, living, talking.

Just yesterday, as I was buying a mop for my new apartment, a black man sitting on the sidewalk called out to me suggesting that I was the very woman he was looking for. For a weak moment I thought it might be fun to recruit him - perhaps get him to move this box there and that heavy thing here - but then I decided I'd have to feed and house him (and who knows what else he'd expect). So I was happy leaving him sit where I found him. 

Later that night I woke from a dream to hear my pug snoring and for a brief moment thought maybe I had actually lost my mind and brought that homeless man back to the apartment with me. (Thank goodness it was just a dream.)

My heart is just spilling over with gladness for the way all things are working together here. Not only did I land the most incredible apartment (where I can see the ocean from my front window) but the building's pets all get along. My neighbors are completely awesome in every way. I'll admit that two of the men I've met who live in this building are definitely eye candy and I work hard not to stare but I'm no threat to their wife and fiance. (Feel rather sick of a particular man on so many levels right now).

My apartment mates are all very cordial and I'm doing everything in my power to make sure things remain that way. One of the women brought me the flowers (pictured) as a welcoming gift with her phone number on the card. She told me she thought my daughter (who helped me move my things into the apartment) was my gay lover. While that seriously made me laugh, I'm sure Christina would be horrified by such a speculation.

I went on my first job interview today and really felt like I connected with the business owner and the other staff. I go back tomorrow to provide the exiting massage therapist with a courtesy massage ... hopefully I'll get hired after that.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and encouraging words. It's meant the world to me. I really believe your good wishes are definitely helping to make things fall into place so much more smoothly than they could have without such supportive energy. While I felt like I had no choice but to leave the situation I was in - I feel so awesomely grateful that things have worked out as readily as they have. Certainly there have been bumps in the road (like when my truck wouldn't fit in the new garage and it took a full day to trade it in for a smaller vehicle ... or when I learned California banks do not easily communicate with Washington banks when transferring funds - and visa versa and that meant I nearly bounced checks to my landlord and to the auto dealer) but none of those difficulties -- that ate up valuable time and effort -- really mattered too much. Not when I'm on an ADVENTURE for pursuing a better reality.

With all my heart, I THANK YOU for all your kindness, love, and supportive sentiments. Onward and forward for both you and me! May we both experience a much happier and more fulfilling tomorrow. May you pursue all your wildest dreams ... as I am also pursuing mine.

Love and light,
~ SunTiger


Fijufic said...

Sun - Your journey by the water will be fantastic. beach living is often similar no matter where you are located.

I have been worried about you on several levels and reading this post helps me look forward to your new adventures.

I have discovered that Washington is not for most people.

I get a fantastic vibe from this new adventure already...

Cheers & Love,

Theresa Varela said...

Your happiness is catching...and I caught some. Thanks for that and the vivid visuals of your new surroundings!

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~
I appreciate your "worry" because it means you care. Yet please don't worry. "Everything is perfect."
~ SunTiger

SunTiger said...

Theresa ~
I cannot wait to walk barefooted on the beach. So far I've focused only on getting my ducks in a row ... the beach will happen by tonight though. I can't take my pug to the beach across the street (no dogs are allowed there) so I'll probably drive to the dog beach that's located south from here.
~ SunTiger


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