Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes So Much Happens - Minds Feels Blown By A Whirlwind

In addition to my writing, I'm looking for part-time work in the massage therapy industry. Already this week, I've gone on two separate interviews and they were so dramatically different from each other, I just thought to share the most obvious contrasts.

Instant connection with both individuals doing the interview. Like magic and miracle, we had so many things in common, there was no WAY I could walk away from this job offer. Here's a quick list of commonalities the three of us shared.
  • Totem animals tattooed on our arms
  • Respect for Shamanism
  • Dog owners
  • Massage Therapy work experience and education
  • Enthusiasm for all things vampire
  • A passion for learning and evolving
One of the interviewing women actually had bats tattooed on her body when I'm a bat ambassador for Bats Northwest. With everything running so smoothly and professionally, is it any wonder that I was hired on the spot to work two days a week? :-D

Nervous or fidgety spa owner knew very little about his own business. He could not provide a clear answer about how much pay he was offering, and could not describe the uniform that he insisted was mandatory, but kept repeating that his was a Christian business. While I wondered why he repeated that declaration (over and over) and said things like: "We don't open on Sunday because we are Christians here." and "This is a Christian business. We are all Lutherans." and "We practice Christianity here." I began to wonder if he required his staff to stand in a circle, hold hands and sing "Cumbayá" or something. (I wasn't sure why he kept restating "this is a Christian business, when I had completely accepted that reality the first time I heard it.)

After the third time he said "This business is Christian run," I asked him quite directly, "I'm not sure what you are implying. Does that mean, if I choose to work here, that I will be required to go to prayer meeting or something?" 

While he denied that would ever happen, the job he offered was just as chaotic as his interview. He wanted me to work on-call exclusively and arrive at work on as little as an hour's notice. Is it any wonder I decided NOT to take that job? Note: To be honest, he said "he'd call me" and didn't officially offer me the job anyway.


Fijufic said...

The first job sounds great. The second job gives me the sense that the guy was sitting on some kind of personal bomb.

Christians say that to people they do not perceive as Christians by the way and the fact that he repeated it a few times means you made him anxious in some form or fashion.

Folks like that scare the piss out of me...

Love ya,

SunTiger said...

I think you're probably right, Bobby. It would make sense to assume that because I was NOT saying, "well, I'm a Christian," he was getting more and MORE animated in his presentation. I wasn't understanding his angst at the time because I was personally comfortable with the idea of working with Christians. I was raised in such dogma. What's the big deal?

Really appreciate all the thoughts you shared with me in this regard via Facebook too. It really helps me sort through everything I feel about the topic.


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