Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been Providing Readings On-Line For More Than Four Years Now

I was trying to decide how long I have been providing psychic readings on-line. It's really an incredible spiritual practice, for me, because clients can hide behind pseudonyms when they hire so I don't know so much as their gender before I begin the reading. And when I'm able to tell them details about their life, or about their romantic partner's life, it's just really incredibly validating. Confirmation received via customer feedback seriously inspires me to keep doing this work as well.

When I first started doing Internet readings, the business that hosted my virtual office, and collected payment information from customers, was called Kasamba. Now it's known as LivePerson

When I first signed on, I wasn't even sure I would be able to do effective psychic readings over the Internet. That's because I wasn't entirely sure where the information I received, intuitively, was actually coming from. Previously, I'd been doing readings in person and thought maybe I had been reading people's body language or possibly getting information telepathically. As when a woman walked into my metaphysical shop and I just suddenly exclaimed: "You're here because your husband is cheating on you." I thought maybe I'd read her mind. (Later I scolded myself - after I realized I could be destroying marriages if I conveyed messages that a spouse was not aware of. Fortunately, in that case, the woman did actually know about her husband's affair. That was exactly why she had come to see me.)

My experiences from doing Internet readings since then has definitely expanded my beliefs about psychic ability, and taught me quite a bit more about where intuitive messages come from. It has proven to me that we as people are deeply connected on a much more Cosmic/energetic level and no deed committed is ever really forgotten by the Universe or truly hidden. In fact, I've been able to tell people things that they were not thinking about - or maybe didn't even know, first hand. 

I remember one gal who hired me via Kasamba and asked what happened to a particular man she knew. (That was all the instruction she gave me.) So I went into meditation and suddenly saw this man, dressed nicely in a pressed shirt and trousers, sitting inside a 4-door sedan, but I kept seeing guns and not just one gun, but I'd see a hand gun, then a rifle, and the guns and shapes kept changing. I'd see guns in the trunk of the car and then in his hands. After I told my customer that "nobody can truly know another person's grief" and admitted that the man had killed himself with a gun, she admitted he had been a police officer and was indeed shot and his death had been ruled a suicide. She just couldn't imagine why her father would possibly have WANTED to kill himself and suspected foul play.

One woman who hired me over the Internet was expecting a grand-baby and wanted to know its gender. As I looked into that infant's life I saw that doctors would be concerned with a "condition" that the newborn had - looked to me like it would have a larger than normal head. Time teaches intuitive readers (like me) to really hone the skills and to be more gentle about delivering sensitive messages. Yet I had not learned every good lesson yet and I simply blurted this information to the grandma via the email exchange. Naturally she was very upset with the news and while I attempted to console her - afterwards - admitting that the baby would be alright later, would be deeply loved and would just be a little "slow" at first - my customer would not be consoled. Six months later I got an email that the baby had been born and the doctors were doing tests on her. The child did indeed have a larger than normal head and they suspected Downs Syndrome but that was later ruled out and a very grateful grandma said the child was progressing rapidly with a little extra help and care. 

So now, after hundreds of readings successes, as I'm looking through my Internet ratings, I'm seeing that my first review was written back on Feb 13 2007. Not every customer who hires me through that system rates my reading or writes a review. I don't know what all the reasons for that are and I suspect some folks might not want anyone knowing they paid for a psychic reading, like maybe their pseudonym is recognizable or something. (I'm sure there are LOTS of reasons for not leaving feedback.) Yet judging by the feedback I have received, I've been an internet psychic for more than four years now! (It honestly doesn't seem like it's been that long.)

I did do one reading, a few years back, where I was haunted by a dark shadowy figure that floated near the ceiling afterwards. I learned during the reading what a negative and creepy person that customer actually was. That dark shadowy figure only stayed in my home for about an hour but it definitely inspired some of the lines I wrote inside of my vampire novel, Ravena & The Resurrected. (So in the end, I was blessed by that rather creepy "visitation.")

All this being admitted, I must say that I have lots of room to grow as a psychic. Doing work like this absolutely does NOT mean I know everything. I'm not walking through crowds of people hearing their individual stories or reading their minds and I'm not haunted on a regular basis. My experiences have never looked anything like television says happens to mediums. At least, while I enjoy watching television shows like "Medium" (which tells real-life experiences endured by Allison DuBois, criminal investigator/medium) I'm not ever haunted in my sleep by ghostly dreams or anything.

Meanwhile, I keep wanting to expand my capabilities and this is why I continually work at my craft and always seek to improve my abilities for providing mystic readings. Some day I would LOVE to help solve crimes (learn if I'm ever good enough at my psychic abilities to do police-type work). That, to me, would be the ultimate sort of career. I hope, one day, that I get a chance to help find solutions to unsolved mysteries but for now I'm more than thrilled to help people sort through the options that life presents them with - so they can make the wisest choices and realize the happiest possible outcomes.


Fijufic said...

I imagine you do great work.

Love ya,

SunTiger said...

Maybe one day you'll find out first hand. :-D Be well, Bobby.


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