Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Life Crumbles What Do You Do?

I realize, that anyone reading this post, to fully appreciate what I'm about to say, must be going through or have gone through some serious sort of emotional pain or horrific life disappointment/loss. People who feel completely in control of their world right now will not relate to what I am about to say (not at this moment in time). Yet sooner or later, they will be "here" and have a better understanding of this message by THEN. How many times have we human beings read scripture or seen art and it took on a new meaning based on where where were at, emotionally, at the time.

My message tonight is, that WHEN you're in grief, it's best to talk, to share or write about it. Only then can you truly find a connection with others who genuinely  understand - and realize that there are certainly other people who endure (or have endured) what you are presently going through. While we may think we are alone in suffering - it's never truly the case.

You are NOT alone in your grief. Certainly there are times when I feel like I've suffered more than my share of BS and disappointment in my lifetime and I am currently enduring a situation that is pretty much unbearable right now. I embrace this time in my life because I have learned that such life conflict forces me to re-evaluate my priorities. It helps me grow at some sort of heroic warped speed. Yet if I could spare myself from this terrible transition and excruciatingly painful life changing "growth" experience and still get to the spiritual "aha" without ... well you can bet your extremely rare comic book collection that I certainly would grant myself that wish for eternal peace and harmony.

While I would never want to give up the growth I've accumulated from past sufferings - horrific experiences with loss and violation - it certainly feels like a shit-pile of undeserved Hell that I've been forced to endure - and to be enduring at this current moment in time.

I know I'll survive it. I've endured much worse than this. Yet I'd rather be in that Summerland or Polyanna aspect of life (if I could only manage to get back there, again).

Oh how the seasons and weather changes without anything you or I might do to influence it.

~ SunTiger


greeneyes67 said...

I don't know what's going on but I offer all of my support and love to you Suntiger. Loss and grief are hard emotions to feel. Pain of any sort is a rough thing to go through.I send you strength. Thank you for sharing this.

SunTiger said...

You're awesome Lenn. No matter how sad or disappointing or painful something might feel, there's always extremely happy things to cherish and breathe in.

Anonymous said...

Is this after your flight to Japan got cancelled?
Into each life, a little rain must fall, and there has to be a guy next to you, with an umbrella, dripping down your neck.

Fijufic said...

I agree. The human experience is best shared. Hope you are not in a bad place right now. I'm stoked because I can comment on your post.

"Enjoy the little things" - Zombieland.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at psychicsuntiger.blogspot.com.

Can I use part of the information from this blog post above if I provide a link back to this website?


SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ No ... this was completely unrelated to the volunteer work I do (the flight that was canceled). What you are referring to was barely even a disappointment. It was merely a change of plans.

SunTiger said...

Peter ~
I'd feel honored to be quoted. Thanks you very much for using great ethics and for extending the courtesy of asking!
~ SunTiger [at] USA (dot) com.

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ Thanks for commenting. I'm having to remind myself to "approve" comments now so they don't just sit in limbo on cyber space. I have only had one spam message since bringing the comments back so this new method seems to be working. :-D (I opened up comments again because of you, luv. Thanks for WANTING to comment.)


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