Saturday, March 12, 2011

Does The Earthquake In Japan Have Anything To Do With 2012 Prophecy?

As an intuitive, I often look at 2012 predictions like Cinderella watched the clock approach the hour of midnight. Yet unlike Cinderella, I don't expect my glass slippers will disappear before 2013. I'm certainly not building a bunker to hide underground before then. Not only does the recent earthquake in Japan prove that human-made structures are no match for Mother Nature, but I don't think end-of-the-world predictions are any indication that we should all start living in fear.

I do realize that 2012 predictions have been made by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the difficult to understand Mayan Calendar. Yet while I study such work with great interest, my readers should realize that I was raised in a very destructive, ultra-conservative, religious household where stories of the apocalypse and human bodies feeding the Hell fires were served up as daily fare. End of the world stories are terribly familiar to me and they feel like entertainment. 

Because nobody's future is ever certain (we all die - but we seldom know how or when we will leave this present body) I do think we should be exercising common sense, learning ways to survive disaster scenarios, networking with our neighbors (in case we need them to pull us from rubble) and we should be living our lives authentically - telling loved ones how valuable they are to us on a regular basis. This "unknown" aspect about the future is one of the many reasons why it has always been important for me to live my own life genuinely,  knowing that I might not be here tomorrow. 

All of us should be doing self analysis and making sure we're on task with personal goals. Personally? I have learned it's important to to disregard what up-tight, judgmental and miserable people might think of me and not be afraid of their petty judgment. Living the life I want to live - coloring my hair pink and wearing a nostril ring - has taught me that those judgmental people eventually accept the real me - even when I don't conform to their limiting and arbitrary rules for dress and behavior.

Many of us have grown up with the kind of criticism that makes us pause before expressing ourselves creatively. Yet when we look at the possibility that this might be the last month, year, or decade of our lives, we also realize we cannot afford to live in someone else's shadow. We all need to make our mark on the world now - because we may not have tomorrow to do it.

When I look at the year 2012 intuitively, I "get" that life just goes on. Certainly great changes are happening to our Earth and there will be more floods and more signs of pestilence over the coming years. Perhaps that will be what cures humanity's current problem with horrible greed (the bane of current politics). I mean, when filthy-rich and covetous individuals must begin to network with common people in order to survive - perhaps then they will have opportunity to realize that their lust for materialism really has not served them very well.

Right now though, as heroic search-and-rescue teams risk personal exposure to radiation as they fly in to Japan (where the nuclear reactors are not cooling properly) and those brave souls offer aid to people buried and hurt, I'm hoping the most selfish among us are watching. Maybe we can all benefit as we observe the great a sacrifice those doctors and searchers are making and feel inspired to do something very loving ourselves - even if it's just checking on the old lady who lives alone, next door.

The biggest change I can see happening by Yule 2012 regards how we as world citizens have viewed materialism as being so incredibly important. Certainly we will always appreciate creature-comforts. Yet as Earth goes through her changes, a great shift in what we as individual countries and civilizations currently value the most is going to be the biggest lasting change we see. 

~ SunTiger 

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