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Aeronautical Engineer's Opinion Of Sun Disappearing Prophecy

In February 2009, I went to hear a Mayan woman, who claimed to be one of the thirteen indigenous grandmother's, named Maria Theresa, and she talked about the Mayan's 2012 prophecy in detail. During her presentation she explained that Earth's Sun was going to disappear into the middle of the Milky Way -- and Earth would become completely dark for a period (how long she did not know). Her advice was not to buy any electronics before 2013 because solar flares would reportedly happen and wipe out all our computers, automobiles' functionality and the heating/lighting capabilities in our homes. The entire Earth, in her estimation, would become very dark. Maria Theresa said people would be so disoriented by the sudden change they would begin dying from fear. She also said the Mayan people already have plans to build large bonfires and to party with friends and neighbors while they wait for the Sun to return (even while they don't know how long that will take).

While the farther I get away from that presentation, I feel more and more convinced that the Sun will not actually disappear into the center of the Milky Way (not during my life time) I had the opportunity to meet an aeronautical engineer just two nights ago (while I was doing volunteer work alongside him). His name was Tony and he'd worked for the US Air Force and with various astronauts at NASA. So I felt like he was the perfect candidate for me to pick his brain for detailed celestial information. 

Beyond asking him to explain why the recent super moon looked so enormous when it was closest to Earth's horizon but as the night progressed, and the full moon rose high into the night sky, it seemed to grow much smaller (If you really want me to explain why this happened, leave me a comment and I'll fill you in) I also asked him: "Do you think the Sun will ever disappear into the belly of the Milky Way before December 21, 2012, so that Earth grows completely dark?"

He said the sun would indeed disappear "But not for thousands of years." According to Tony, scientists expect the sun to explode long before it enters the middle of the Milky Way ... thousands of years form now. 

That seemed to support what I had been feeling. Don't get me wrong, many more changes will be coming to Earth, with earthquakes, volcanoes and such over the coming months and years ... I think you as well as anyone else reading this blog post can probably see and/or feel that fact; intellectually and intuitively. So I asked Tony if solar flares could (on their own) wipe out the electronics inside our vehicles so highways would suddenly become jammed with people stuck inside of cars (with their electric doors unable to be unlocked while their vehicles quit running). Tony explained to me in great detail why, due to the way cars are made nowadays, that would not ever happen. 

Tony also confirmed it's pretty obvious that human-activity is what's contributing to climate change right now - since the gases that have been detected during scientific tests to determine what's causing the changes on the environment have all been classified as man-made.

*I could make this posting much longer but I'm feeling tired tonight and don't want to bore my readers by rambling either* ... If you're interested about anything I've touched upon here ... just ask and perhaps I'll elaborate more in another post.

~ SunTiger


Fijufic said...

Global warming has exponentially increased and certainly there are factors that we can control which cause part of it. Other parts are out of our realm of control however...

I just dislike watching poor stewards of our earth in any capacity.


SunTiger said...

What's your source for information Bobby? (According to the dude I spoke to ... it's not just a cyclical thing that's happening now).

Trust me when I say I take in all information and weigh it for whatever validity a statement might carry. I mean, I'm very familiar with earth's historical ice age and the warming that made things more inhabitable afterward. Yet my resources are saying this is all caused by human chemicals and burning of fossil fuels, etc.

Fijufic said...

I am agreeing with you that humans are absolutely poor stewards of the earth and we are to blame for some of this global warming issue.

There are so many scholarly sources for this one discussion and all are very persuasive.

It comes down to what you believe once you study the information. Even people in the same fields believe different things.

I believe it is partially out of our control and partially our fault.

We could be instantly thrown back into the ice ages with the right kind of volcanic activity for instance. None of us control the ring of fire...I think what humans do to the oceans is insane. I see the effects of what we do to them daily.

My logical mind tells me you are right. My logical mind also tells me that parts of it are beyond our scope.

In short, it is the things I don't know that I don't know ((Follow that? )about how our Earth fits in with its cycle of interplanetary destiny that keep me wondering. We are a piece of a much bigger puzzle. Climate change is not unique to our planet yet is a common denominator within our tiny solar system. ....these sort of things are way beyond our control.

Why would climate change occur on other planets if it was only human activity that caused it for instance? Mars is having similar issues. Mars has also undergone periods of ice ages concurrent with Earth.

In short I believe it is a myriad of causes.

My Martian friends blame the sun.

Even my friend Sun (look in the mirror) herself has days that she is hotter and cooler than others. Sometimes she needs to take better care of herself too. Other days she is just right! Some days she is ready to boil over. Some days she is happy. Many times this is beyond her very control.

Much like the sun or mother earth...You are intertwined with our solar system, galaxy and universe. I cannot possibly be cavalier enough to fully grasp where we fit into that equation.

Perhaps a quest to discover the full truth about this matter is in order? The more I study it the more questions I have.

Love you bunches!!!,

SunTiger said...

Is that not true of ALL of life and learning? The more we study the more we realize we have QUESTIONS.

BEWARE of people who think they have all the answers. (They quite often have closed their minds off to all possibilities.)

Prashant said...

very informative, would like to hear more of such kinds, information as such will help take precautionary measures.

Prashant said...

very informative


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