Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Voyager Tarot - Found At Estate Sale - Ten Of Cups

Doug and I both love to go (what we call) "junkin" otherwise known as "estate sale shopping." This past Sunday, we ended up inside a really fascinating old mansion located right on Lake Washington in the Rainier District of Seattle.

That's where I purchased a full "Voyager Tarot" deck for just $3. The box was badly worn and the booklet is terribly bent and battered but the cards are all perfectly straight and proud - just like new.

Naturally, I was utterly thrilled with the find and for my gratitude, I decided to offer you, dear reader, a one-card tarot reading tonight. Drawn is the Ten of Cups (see image).

From a traditional sense, the suit of cups always symbolizes emotions. Interestingly, since cups hold water or liquid - it's also fascinating to note that in Shamanism, Feng Sui, Ayurvedic medicine, Lomi Lomi massage and many other "alternative" healing techniques that I've studied ... water always represents human feelings. As the little Voyager Tarot booklet, by James Wanless,  says: "You become watery when you are happy, sad, excited and surprised."

Also according to Wanless, the ten of cups  has everything to do with feeling passion. "You are excited, turned on, and alive with energy." He says. Then: "Like the lion and the wildflowers (pictured) you seek your pleasures with abandon."

May you, dear reader, be able to manifest whatever reality you feel most passionate about from tonight and onward.

Love and light,
Mystic SunTiger

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