Thursday, January 6, 2011

Always Amazed TWIN SOUL Psychic Reading

I have not been soliciting clients at LivePerson (haven't for a long time). Too many shoppers (looking for on-line readings from mystics they don't know) tend to be seeking FREE services and I just don't have the time, energy, or financial wherewithal to work for so many, that hard, for no pay.

Meanwhile, I love it when people seek me out for a reading, (by email, just $33), for many reasons. One is because, with each new reading, I learn something completely new about life and spirituality. I also feel very deeply spiritually connected when I've gone into a psychic meditation.

One "lesson" I learned concerns the concept of Twin Flames (aka Soul Mates). Too many people use this spiritual belief - that we have only one legitimate romantic partner - to leave otherwise very functioning marriages; even when homes may include small children.

This is not to say no marriage should ever break up. Many times, after I looked into a client's question, a series of abusive scenarios presented themselves. In some instances, I learned both the children and the spouse would be better off (even safer) moving away from the contractual arrangement. Yet this is not always the case either.

A while back, a client asked why she has such a strong emotional connection to a potential romantic partner, if her soul purpose was NOT to cut family ties and be with him. I'll admit I did not know the answer to that question until I went into meditation to learn more. That's how I was shown that there are many different ways we all receive these deeply emotional and compelling intuitive, empathic, messages from one another.

Perhaps we don't feel connected to our spouse, on an emotional level, because somewhere along the lines our partner, unconsciously (or not), closed him or herself off to us, emotionally, so we cannot so easily pick up their vibes, empathically. Meanwhile, many mothers will tell you, if their children ever found themselves in a dangerous or highly emotional setting, the mother felt that emotion even when she was nowhere in the vicinity of the child in duress. (Note: I experienced short bouts of great emotional turmoil when my middle daughter was in boot camp, down in Texas, for example.)

That deeply connected "feeling" we get, where we feel another person's emotion, is no indication that mothers should become the romantic partner for their child. Similarly, just because a married person has a strong emotional connection to another adult outside the household, it does not necessarily mean the two of them are twin souls or that they belong together.

Quite often this "connection" happens purely because one person is thinking about the other; amorously.  We are all highly sexual, emotional beings. Feeling someone else's sexual desire, empathically, happens much more often than many of us talk about (e.g., we connect with one another through sexual dreams and through telepathic thought as well as through emotion).

CONCLUSION: If you are ever concerned about your relationships and need clarity on a new emotional connection that you're feeling -- hire a psychic. A good psychic should be able to tell you things about the relationships that you did NOT tell her. If she does not do that -- then don't give her the highest review and certainly do not hire her again. Yet if she does tell you things that you knew (but didn't tell her) then you know the psychic connection was legitimate. Also trust your own instincts to know whether what you were told was offered in your best interest (or not).

Love and light,

~ SunTiger

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