Friday, January 14, 2011

Queen Of Wands - Tarot Reading

TAROT CARD READING FOR THE DAY:(beautiful card image borrowed from the web, click image to see it in its original context.)

Intuitive aspect of today's reading: This card reflects a certain need to develop better friendships as we all need a sustainable sense of love and support and those who do not inspire us quite often wear us down and distract us from pursuing our soul purpose. Meanwhile, as "queen" of our own reality, everything is in our power to change. We can create the better experience we want for ourselves by making wise decisions and surrounding ourselves with more nurturing and supportive, wise, council.

Traditional meaning of this card: In most Tarot decks, the Queen of wands is pictured with a lion or lioness (since the astrological sign for the Queen of Wands is Leo). As lions are considered "king of the jungle" so the Queen of Wands seeks to rise above the masses. She's definitely not your ordinary common peasant and when people treat her as "ordinary" she resents it.

The suit of wands ordinarily regards creativity, self expression, a sense of true purpose and spirituality. In this particular deck, the queen is obviously suggesting that we pay attention to feelings. Acknowledge what needs to change in your life, and then go forth and make the necessary decisions to live more authentically.

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