Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Life has taught me that when you or I go through difficult times it's because there's an "ah-ha" moment about to come. We're on the cusp of learning something more powerful and maybe when we look back we'll have a greater sense of "why" this needed to happen. These depressed feelings I experience today are just growing pains.

I've spent the last two days visiting someone dear in the hospital and attempting to offer comfort whichever way I could. Amazingly, because the situation was so dire, I was allowed to perform Reiki and reflexology to the feet. One huge blessing from this situation (which feels tragic) is being able to demonstrate, in a tangible and obvious way, how very healing human touch can be.

With the patient having a frighteningly high heart rate (i.e., 130 beats per minute) and him being hooked up to all sorts of monitors, we could watch the equipment for changes. Each and every time one of us put our hands on him his heart rate went down two or three beats per minute. He might even be asleep and touch made a visible difference.

It seems like a small victory amidst so much uncertainty and concern yet it's a victory nonetheless. People I love are no longer looking at me (with all the healing modalities I've presented to them) as just being silly nonsense. They've seen the monitors themselves and practiced touching themselves. They've had tangible, visible, scientific proof that we can make the world a little bit better, through touch.

Blessed be.

~ SunTiger

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