Thursday, November 18, 2010

Real Life Ghost Story

I've had many encounters with ghosts and some of my siblings have too. Yet there are others from the seven children born to my parents who are very skeptical about such even being possible. 

One of the ghost encounters that really freaked out my husband Doug (because it seemed the most unusual) was when we were visiting his very ill father at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, WA, (USA). 

We needed to take the elevator up a couple of floors but as we approached the elevators, we both saw a grown man in a brown suit enter the elevator on the left (there were two elevators). When we got to where we could push the button, the doors to that first elevator had just closed. So we waited maybe one second and then pushed the button to wait for the next elevator. 

When the doors to that first elevator opened again, Doug and I felt real apologetic for holding up the man in the brown suit. We hadn't meant to interfere with his elevator ride. Yet before we could apologize we realized the elevator was empty! 

Doug and I both looked for a back door (looking for logical means by which the man could disappear like that) but there were no rear doors, only the entrance we had entered through. We even checked the elevator ceiling for a trap door but there was none in the ceiling or floor either. 

Realizing there was no way the man could have gotten out without us seeing him leave (there had not been enough time lapse for him to have taken the elevator to another floor) we decided he must have been a ghost. Doug didn't want to ride the elevator after that. 

I just felt very thankful we had both seen the man in the brown suit together (so neither one of us could assume the other had just imagined him). In the past when I had seen ghosts, they were somewhat transparent and I could sort of see through them - knew immediately they were ghosts. In this case, the "man" in the brown suit looked rather solid like any ordinary human being. 

This experience still makes me wonder: how often do people see spirits and just ASSUME what they see is a living, breathing, ordinary person? Maybe we all see ghosts a lot more often than we suppose and are all really seeing spirits who wait for the bus, drink coffee inside the cafe, or walk their ghostly dogs down the sidewalk.

~ Tami Jackson (aka SunTiger)

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