Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Garden Tips For Fall

It's been raining a great deal here lately, in Western Washington, but today we had clear skies and beautiful sunshine. So I pulled on my garden boots and went out to plant more tulip and crocus bulbs.

I absolutely feel as though it is impossible to plant too many crocuses. Every February, they are the first flower after a harsh winter (sometimes while snow is still on the ground) to bloom. When I see these dainty little flowers pop out through the frozen ground, my heart just swells with glee. Crocuses feel like a promise to me. They remind me that spring and warmer weather is coming. Tulips bloom a little bit later, so planting them side-by-side works really well for keeping a particular garden spot in bloom longer.

Pictured right, is just a fun fall-time craft project I made and it serves as a wonderful reminder of a very fun day I enjoyed. My sister Kelly and I had taken a trip to Leavenworth (over the mountain) to celebrate my birthday. We had such a great time, I wanted to commemorate it. So I collected a fallen gold-colored leaf in Leavenworth and when I got home I lathered it with paint and pressed it to this rock. The result is a cool reminder of a most wonderful memory.

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