Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So Thankful I Was Never A Jerk

FaceBook and other on-line networking venues are definitely changing the way people interact nowadays. It's certainly catapulting me into contact with a plethera of people from my distant past . . . some whom I had practically forgotten about; as we haven't seen each other since the eighth grade or longer.

Meeting my grade-school classmates has made me feel so utterly grateful that I never played the part of a complete jackass: not even while little. That saying about bullies? How they'll get their retribution? I think it comes back when the picked-on nerds grow up and no longer want to see or have anything to do with them.

The old saying: "Even a child is known by his doings" speaks to me every time I get together with long ago buddies who still shudder at the mention of a less-than-desirable memory's name.


Anonymous said...

What, never?
Jerkiness isn't natural, for some of us, maybe not for any of us, and it tends to leave a bad taste, when we try that path, but there's a certain learning potential, when we appreciate the really awful taste.
Your neighbor, Mrs Kravitz, for instance, how much patience would be required, to bring her to any self knowledge?
Well, inhuman cruelty aside...
I've to figure out, when Yoko Ono will be in Second Life, today. She's opening an Imagine Peace display.
I'm doing a Brothel, in Burning Life, but I might just make it a Sex Free Brothel. Temple Dancers have often been portrayed as Sex Workers, but Dance has an academic value, and the women of a temple should be dutiful to their gods, rather than just in custody by the public health department. Where Gilgamesh is described as having sent a Temple Prostitute, to Enki, I think a better translation would be Bar Maid.
How do I build a Sex Free Sumerian Brothel?

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

That's a pretty random way to end your comment, Arawn. I can honestly say I was never a mean kid in school. I'm actually proud to be able to say that; truthfully. (Who wants memories of being a dick?) I was rather naive - got in a couple of scraps for sticking up for the little guy and learned after a couple bloody noses to mind my own business a bit more often.


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