Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Excited. Thanks For The Clarity!

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I need to expand my business, SunTiger MOJO, to offer other market-proved skills that I've learned throughout my lifetime (skills I've accumulated and provided professionally with great success).

I intend to reopen Tamoon Massage under the SunTiger name but instead of exposing myself to the things I loathed about providing table massage (e.g., putting lotion on hairy backs that's two inches long and paying a ridiculously high rent for my own office space) I will provide chair massage only where my valued customers can keep their clothes on. I will provide that service on a "have chair, will travel" basis and schedule myself to work at special events, etc.

I will also expand SunTiger MOJO to include a "writer for hire" option for small business and individual writing/editing services that need to hire a public relations guru for much less than what a large PR firm would charge.

That means . . . in addition to offering intuitive readings and hypnotherapy services, SunTiger MOJO will now also offer chair massage as well as freelance writing (drawing on my many years as a public relations guru there).

* I have got to update Washington state in regards to my business license now and I'll need to pay a lofty sum to insure my massage practice. Meanwhile, I feel very confident about where I'm going now, finally.

I wrote a very comical story (a sort of "investigative report") on the very short term cocktail server position I worked last month. I'm now marketing it to the print media . . . will keep you posted on the success of that venture!


Anonymous said...

Massage Secretary Guru? Help the client relax, as a prelude to shaping the story? With a delineation of that, you could make a living giving courses in how-to.

The income tax on the free drinks doesn't make much sense, but I don't know anyone's contested that. It should be the bar that pays the tax, if not the customer; I wonder if they only dump it on the extra-tribal servers. I'd simply put the value of the drink on the gamblers'cards, as a gift of the casino, and let them pay the taxes, then, the smart ones will realise, you can serve them from the Shrinkage if they tip well.

Is there such a thing, as a Certified Public Secretary?

A Friend in Second Life, an unemployed police woman, has an "Incurable Staph Infection." She's gone to the Mayo Clinic, not having accepted my advice, of asking her physician whether Biodebridement would be too grotesque a remedy for her.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Was this a post-surgical wound she has? {Staphylococcus aureus, or "staph" bacteria, is often found in healthy individuals, on their skin, inside pimples, in the nose, etc. It's very commonly spread around medical facilities. When it gets in the throat, however, you get strep throught and it's the same bacterial that causes scarlet fever (if my memory serves me correctly by Biodebridement ... you mean maggot therapy?).

That might help with flesh-eating bacteria (also affilaitaed with staphylococcus aureus) but what she's got could take on any of a number of systemic forms.

If it were me . . . I'd prefer to be munched on by leaches than cut on by surgeons.

TheLubeFaerie said...

Good luck with your new ventures!

Anonymous said...

Imagine keeping a Bull by your pond. "Don't be silly, those aren't farm animals, they're surgical assistants."

Maybe a massage of Body, Mind and Spirit, where you ease the body, strengthen and ease, then ease the mind, strengthen and ease, but how do you strengthen the unit of awareness and decision and then ease it? Body, Mind and Spirit are the Three Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the Hindu Parts of Man are the Spirit, Mind, Body and Sensible Environment; maybe starting with the aches and agues of mind or body, and work up and down, until they can show you the movements involved with grasping and releasing the sensible environment, of which they might think, and bring them up to expressing a decision for your ghost writing. It would be a long session, but powerful impact. Your apprentices could then be trained with Cerredwen's Cauldron, and the Cauldron of Stars, and your grasp of the world would be immortal.

Immortality is easy, but will they remember you in a way that benefits them? I was just discussing a counter-antisemetic, the other day, and realized that Hitler is condemned for his virtues.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ are you suggesting the hooves are surgical assistants? What?

Thanks for visiting and for leaving comments.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't suggesting that bovines be raised for the Glue, but Maggots have to come from somewhere.

I don't know what kind of staph infection she has, only that she's off to the Mayo Clinic, at the moment.

I figured out, how to wreck a massive slaughter, recently. It wouldn't hurt anybody, but respect how nice they basically are, touching upon them remotely, in a way that will only encourage what is right for themselves. People are really nice, though, and even murderers only do for others, what would be right for themselves. I'd have to be real nice, to the resulting amnesia cases, though, helping them aclimate to their new lives...

Arawn Graalrd


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