Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Garden Photos

Quickly . . . long before winter makes the whole garden decay like this wilted rose . . .I'm snapping pictures as quickly as I can . . .
I don't want to forget the beauty that September brought to my yard . . .
Below is PINK yarrow . . . pretty difficult to find. That's why I sometimes shop for plants on eBay!
Instead of lawn . . . I'm putting in such a variety of colorful ground-cover-plants.

Look sideways . . . I don't currently have any functioning photo editing software to flip this upright. [Note to self: do NOT take pictures sideways until you buy that tool!] This particular potted flower is called "Indian Tobacco" (and, yes, you can actually smoke it as such). :D


Breath-e said...

The roses in this town are non-stop! I love this. I'll be back to this post in February when I will probably need it. said...

He he. TOTALLY. I do NOT look forward to the wind and rain.

After months of late fall and winter I cannot tell you how much hope I get from my fuschia bush that blooms with yellow flowers in late winter . . . then the snow comes and intermingles with that shrubs golden beauty and it's breathtaking the way light sparkles from the snow.

Gotta love crocuses for that same reason. I wish they'd stay in bloom much longer during February or March than they do.

Panademona said...

Wow... flowers... I am missing the green that is probably still present in my hometown right now. I have snow already here! It's scary.

SunTiger said...

The maple trees are just now starting to change color in the greater Seattle area. You're right . . .most of it is all still green here.


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