Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks To FaceBook

As I alluded to, earlier, FaceBook has put me in contact with people I haven't seen in 300 million years. Below I am pictured (third from left) with girlfriends I haven't seen since the seventh, or ninth grade [depending on each gal-pal's story].

At first -- because of the fact that we attended church-school together -- I wasn't sure I wanted to go back in time and reconnect. I was worried that some crappy old dogma would rear its ugly head or the too familiar judgmental attitudes taught by our childhood church would surface.

Instead? The reunion stuff has all been refreshing and fun. I'm so thankful to be reconnected -- with such worth-while people who have evolved far beyond the dysfunction; even went through struggles similar to mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't your teachers mention? "This is the kind of rediculous dogma, we intend you to outgrow." Ooops, we weren't supposed to tell the teachers that, were we...

Von Karmen's father set up a technical school, in Buda-Pest, Hungary, and addressed the issue of bad teachers thus, "Students might as well learn now, as well as later, how to tell a good teacher from a bad one."

Last night, I walked in on a talk by a guy who answers grant proposals, for Hewlitt Packard, and aspects of my concept for a Gesundheit School of WitchCraft and Wizardry gained acceptance. First thing I'd want to do, is accept only kids who could bring elders to the table, so as to avoid the militarism of Camelot and Bismark, that mark our modern schools.

I keep dawdling, never quite getting around, to calling Kali-Ma, so I can establish a circle of the Holy Grail, in this town, and I'll be relocating soon.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Thank you for your faithful comments. You keep me blogging (your comments inspire me to keep writing). I laughed at this entry of yours. "dogma . . .we intend you to outgrow."

You hit that one right on target, brother!

I like reading about your newest ambitions. Right now I'm trying to herd Pagans to be involved on a community level: for disaster relief efforts. We'll see how that goes, hmmm? [Feels, intuitively, as though maybe 5 Pagans will show. We'll see!]

Anonymous said...

Neopags don't like to be monotonized under Jesus, and tend to be an independant lot. Getting that bunch co-ordinated in Disaster Relief is the challenge, rather than the challenge of gaining the sympathy of some...

Ishtar the Har was able, to get a Sex-Worker Relief Program, into the local High Schools, of Sumer, when the occupational hazards of the high tech industry of Shepherding was damaging to that human resource. The Virgin Mary was eventually able to access Ishtar's Authority, to end that program, but it added a few thousand years of Worry to the average adolescent girl.

If you don't mind sharing a Brotherhood of Gods, with your Flock of Kittens, it may be possible, on the note, that the Gods weren't really seeking Leadership Recognition, but simply attending where they could.

A Religion is a Brotherhood of A God, to continue his ministry unto the Earth or World, where such Brotherhood is franchised to liberate Youth from their Family Ob-ligations, in favor of a "New-Binding," or "Re-Ligion."

The American Red Cross has a goddess, who might be invoked; John Chapman might make a reasonable God, and was probably an AEsyr.

Arawn Graalrd


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