Sunday, October 25, 2009

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My body is physically rebelling right now but it will only hurt until the pain goes away.

Yesterday I volunteered under the EARTH label at a sandbagging site. Turns out our predominantly natural dam (with only a few man-mad parts) has the earth literally falling out below and around it and the man-made portions are failing as well. Local governments are preparing all who live in the valley for a big flood scenario.

So we're sandbagging. Citizens are filling the trunks of their cars and pickup beds with very heavy bags and hauling them around with a sense of urgency -- to beat the typical heavy rain season here in Western Washington. It's been very rewarding to volunteer; even when I live in a much safer area up on a hillside myself (thank goodness for very strong intuition capabilties that made me insist on the hillside when we were looking for our house 5-years-ago).

Repeatedly I have had visions of the greater Seattle area all under water. In my visions I thought it was all water from the rising sound. Now, with the dam failing, I'm seeing the vision come closer to reality in a different way.


Hibiscus Moon said...

This is so wonderful of you to do this. I hope that your fix with the sandbags works. Positive energy to you and your efforts.

Coffee With Sugar & Scream said...

Thank you Hibiscus Moon. Anytime I volunteer I start to realize I get way more out of it than I actually give. Nothing like having a bunch of people repeatedly say "You are so cool. Thank you" just because you're helping them shovel and load.

I really hope EARTH starts to prove to the world what good neighbors Pagans truly are.

Anonymous said...

I was googling Auburn, the other day, and it seems tobe a large flood plain, round a tiny little stream. We might wonder, how flood plains got to be called flood plains. The place would not be buildable, if it made any sense to build there.
Noah had an idea, for those living in Flood Plains, to have a roof of reeds, that can be paved with Asphalt, and flipped over, while all your annoying neighbors drown.
Do I recall, that there's a stream, between your house, and Mrs. Kravitzes? I hope she's on the down hill side.
I hope that dam stays drained, while the more rainy than usual season hits.
I don't suppose you'd know StarRose, of Bothell? she's a ways north of you. Looks like your little drainage ditch drains into Harbor Island. Is Lake Tapps the one behind the Dam?
Lake Fenwick Park? Sounds like Wine Country.
Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Thanks Hibiscus Moon. I thought I was responding to you from this account when I wrote a message from my "Coffee With Sugar & Scream" account.

Arawn ~ Lake Tapps is a ways south of here and I don't believe it has much to do with the dam scenario. You're right, tho. Downtown areas of Auburn, Kent, Renton and Tukwilla were all built on wetlands. I bought my house up on the huge rock (out of flood danger).

Arawn Graalrd said...

Googling further, does your water all drain from Mount Rainier? If she blows, there may be a bit of subsidence, drowning a few miles of escape route. Come to think on't, that hill could make for some excellent scary stories.

Of course, for Halloween, you want to talk about all the people who drowned, while the Flood Plains built up, whole villages, that only wanted to build on flat ground, millenium after millenium, worried mothers still calling for their long mud-encrusted children... Uhm, maybe a little less heavy... Ah, follow with the story, of the man who flipped his roof for a boat, and ask what their flood plans are.

The story of the crazy pagan, who wouldn't let a preacher in ( indicating experience with such ) is the problem that makes real work, out of marketing. Represent EARTH, and you'll be carrying quite a load on your own shoulders. There's Magic in Ministry, and nursing your area up to a willingness to lead in willing, is what makes a legend. I'm starting to form a theory, for the Magic of Wisdom, and it looks like Real Magic is logically predictable.

Arawn Graalrd


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