Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unusual Shrub Growing Outside Stonhenge, WA

Have you ever seen this sort of bush before? Peeling back the black-outer-layer of the fruit (pictured) reveals a very hard nut-like shell. [Click on the image to enlarge the photo.]

The above pictured shrub grows just outside of the large Stonehenge monument located in Maryhill, Washington. For more pictures of that trip (that I took yesterday with my husband Doug and a couple of very fun friends) see


Spilled Ink said...

Tom thinks it's a little Walnut or some kind of Sumack is his guess.

SunTiger said...

I think he may be correct about it being a walnut tree (I brought home a nut . . .will have to go crack it open now). :D

Doesn't the sumac tree have white berries in autumn? {I couldn't see anything like that growing on what really looked more like a bush.} Also, this was growing on a rather desert-type hillside (not in swamplands, which is what I understand the Sumac prefers).

Thank you very much for your feedback . . . makes me even more curious. Must INVESTIGATE now! :D

Anonymous said...

Don't eat the nuts, if bitter. Lots of toxic vegetation are bitter, because they don't want to be eaten.
What Wikipedia shows of Sumac Fruit don't look much like you've got, but Sumac is very different from Poison Sumac, which grows in bogs.
I've no idea what you've got, whether Chestnuts or Hornets'nests.
Arawn Graalrd

Coffee With Sugar & Scream said...

Yeah. I'm not sure what it is either. The nuts look too perfectly round for a walnut (if ya ask me).

(I wouldn't eat something I didn't know for certain was edible.)


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