Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everywhere I Go: There's Magic

Without revealing client specifics -- I feel so much more confident in my psychic forecasts now verses when I first starting doing this work professionally. Certainly I always believed in my abilities, but to have real confidence requires a track record that only time & experience can provide. Lately, I've received so much confirmation on the accuracy of my short and longer-term forecasts that my heart now burns within me. With so much joy -- I feel totally in my niche as a psychic.

IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NEWS [More Pertinent To The Moment]:
This blogger (same woman who challenged Kent's laws in 2007 to allow backyard chickens - and won) now has her famous chicken coup EMPTY! Doug and I drove to Enumclaw to sell the last of our hens this morning and on the way we enjoyed a closer view of Mountain Ranier.

The mountain looks very different today than it did when I was a kid growing up in the greater Seattle area. For one thing, there's a lot more snow covering the entire mountain (inspite of this being the heat of summer). For another, there's no bowl at the top anymore (not like I remember it). These changes in appearance make me acutely aware that this attractive landmark is a VOLCANO . . . scientists remind us that earthquakes are happening inside Mt. Rainier every day!

Just inside Enumclaw, Doug and I entered a little-known but deeply fascinating gem that few from Seattle know about.
The Branding Iron Cafe is an old-time farmer's restaurant located inside the Enumclaw Sales Pavillion. Similar to Hogwarts -- there are such fascinating patrons here who are seldom if ever seen in the big city. Eating here makes me feel like I've stepped into some sort of time warp and traveled back in time.
If you didn't spot the chef, standing in the photo above (near the wall clock) you can see him below through the kitchen window. [Click on any of my photos to see the enlarged version.] I really liked the way the gentleman in white, below, cared about how fine he dressed and wish this pictured showed off his expensive shoes.
Just outside the cafe, musicians played real old-twangy sounds for country music (think: Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam songs). Their efforts really make eating at The Branding Iron an extra special treat on Saturday mornings . . . LIVE MUSIC!
A variety of musicians (male and female) take turns singing at the microphones. I haven't heard any of them sing off-key and sitting to listen makes me tap my feet while walking by the stage makes me want to dance.
This next photo shows what it looks like inside the auction for small animals (where they primarily sell chickens, ducks, and rabbits and occasionally doves, etc). I've traded many pets here throughout my lifetime. Sitting at auction always gives me the opportunity to meet farmers and hear someone else's hen-raising experiences.
Finally -- this last photo which is totally unrelated to the above images -- is simply a cool-looking chandelier that I saw inside a random store at Southcenter mall the other night. [I thought to share it because it looked otherworldly - like it belonged in a vampire's lair or something .

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