Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White Bails Of Alfalfa Floating In The Sky

In my vivid dream last night, I joined the military to be with my physically fit Air Force daughter, Joanna (pictured, center).

In that dream, we were attending a large training event together and stood alongside an athletic track and field . That's when I noticed, floating up in the sky like clouds, many solid white bails of alfalfa. I pointed them out to everyone (completely marveling) but everyone seemed to just shrug as though I were stupid. "You're in the military now. Seeing things like that is nothing special."

After the floating straw and alfalfa bails disappeared inside a space ship, I saw small wooden buildings floating up there and they also appeared to be solid white. That is -- until one structure in particular landed softly in the precise spot it was destined for; nearby. That's when the whitewash faded away and I realized it was made from antique-looking wood. It looked a lot like an old fashioned out-house but had electronic equipment inside and a microphone. Turned out, it was a karaoke stand; destined to be part of the festivities.

One of the reasons the Air Force required recruits to do so many push-ups was to build strength in the shoulder muscles. That was important because all airmen had to learn to morph into ravens -- and passing the exam meant you had to fly with just one arm or wing (which required enormous strength in the shoulder joint).

While sharing this dream with Doug, he asked me "what does it mean?"

As a psychic and dream interpreter, I realize that so many dreams come to us simply to emphasize a thought or emotion we feel during the day (usually a feeling we haven't fully acknowledged, consciously). I know this particular dream regards the way I regularly marvel over simple things (e.g., the magic in my garden or the pleasure I find from living vicariously through my children's many wondrous adventures). Joanna is currently in Morocco doing the French language immersion thing and I love reading her emailed stories and seeing the photos she uploads on FaceBook.

Talking to anyone about such things (what my children do - or about seemingly magickal plants that appear spontaneously in my yard without any effort on my part) only causes them to go into a blank stare. It's as though what I feel is "magickal" is simply common or boring to them.

How can watching children (that a woman birthed) and observing them mature into responsible and respectable adults be regarded as anything but spectacular?


kate said...

When I read about the whitewashed building that turned out to be a karaoke stand, I thought maybe the dream was about worries you might have about your daughter - things that aren't what they seem to be.
The bird in the dream sounded like pride in her accomplishments.
Happy Humpday!

SunTiger said...

Hi Kate (thank you for your thought-provoking comment). It's so difficult to interpret dreams because a symbol that means one thing to one person will not always mean the same thing to the next. {I'm definitely NOT a worrier - not at all. I figure if something in my daughter's life was worthy of causing concern I would feel the warning, intuitively. Meanwhile, I feel very much at peace in every aspect of her life (so the concept of "worries" does not seem to fit my situation).

When I provide professional dream interpretation for someone I never look to traditional meanings (e.g., never look up meanings from a book) but actually ask Spirit to unveil the subliminal message for my particular client. Then I tell my client what I "got" was the meaning . . . and so far so good! (My clients have always felt my dream interpretations were completely accurate).

You are 100 percent correct to recognize my obvious pride over Joanna and all her many accomplishments. I am very proud of all three of my young-adult children; actually. [Thank you for noticing!] :D

Hibiscus Moon said...

Hi Sun, I answered your question about the solstice ritual in my blog. I do hope for the best for your father in law.

Your daughter looks just like you in that picture.

Alianna said...

I just wanted to say, you have beautiful children!!!

SunTiger said...

Hibiscus Moon ~ Wow. To think I could look as gorgeous as either of my daughters (thank you for the compliment).

Alianna ~ The best thing is they're beautiful on the INSIDE. (Thank you for saying so).


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