Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happiness: A State of Mind

No matter what talents, gifts, interests (e.g., psychic ability or magical proficiency at Hogwarts) we may harbor, all bloggers are merely human (aka: "muggle-born"). At least, so far, I have not met a single bonafied vampire blogger; quite disappointedly. We ALL must endure our human struggles and frailties.

As a gardener, I often force myself to go out to put my hands in the soil to combat feeling disappointed with things. Some days -- my life just does NOT feel magical enough . . . it misses that element of pizzazz and wonder. Then I find myself doing divination just to feel connected to the Spiritual/astral realm.

Considering that happiness can be a state of mind, I wonder how nice would it be to thoroughly identify with Luna Lovegood's outlook on life: to declare "I think I'll go have some pudding" whenever Nargles steal every pair of shoes so that you are left wandering around barefooted (even while looking up at a pair that dangle over the rafters by their laces).

SIDE NOTE: I went and saw the most recent Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince,with the first part being shown in 3-D (at the Boeing Imax theater/Seattle) this weekend. I liked the movie much better than the book: which I loathed due to the tragic ending. The movie presented everything after I read the last book: so I was more accepting of this movie's outcome, I think.


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