Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Point To Ponder

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Arawn Graalrd said...

I suspect, to some degree, that's what happened to reveal our credit crisis. Someone manipulated the energies market, using Enron Methodology, to withdraw their investment of credibility, and left our banking system with a large mess of legal tender. The present unemployment plague, is that the Money is less available, to support salary expectations. A working might be done, to help others nurture Justice, Ballance and Prosperity, but part of the problem is, our lordly belief that all High School Graduates should work in dignified industry, has left us a very unindustrious nation. If we're to be a nation of Scholars, we need a ballance of Immigration, and that could be a useful industry.
Well, Taurus, today, said I should interact with someone I don't need to live with, and I just got a call from my mother's tenant. I think he might have been Jamaican, and Kali-Ma is presently Jamaican; I'll have to give her a call.
Any idea, if the State of Washington would allow a church to open in Retail Space?
Arawn Graalrd


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