Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you read my psychic client reviews you might assume I'm an all-knowing intuitive. While I feel very grateful for all the lovely things that my wonderful customers say about me (and even I have been amazed at the messages that I have been able to convey on their behalf sometimes -- I've worked hard for that feedback) I am definitely NOT a perfect and I'm not an "all knowing" person.

I'm learning new lessons all the time and sometimes those "lessons" feel utterly and completely humiliating (professionally and otherwise).

As a mystic who wants to be 100% accurate with all I do, I'm always analyzing my methods for observing the energies and interpreting the signs. Just today, the painful lesson I learned is to NEVER INTERPRET data but merely advise the client exactly what I see. {This I write after banging my head on my desk multiple times for NOT doing that.}

A customer from my House Clearing class contacted me by anonymous email yesterday. When I first opened her message, the name of one of my students popped up. So I addressed my reply email as such.

Problem was . . . the potential customer for a psychic reading was NOT that student but only traveled to the class with her. I should have replied to the email with: "Susies name is popping up. Does that make sense to you?" Instead of making the assumption this was "Susie" contacting me. . . fortunately this beloved student didn't come over to burn down my house. She wrote back to give me a chance to apologize and trip all over myself.

My cel phone is set to just ONE ring tone (same ring for anybody who calls) and I regularly practice building my intuitive skills by determining "who is calling" before I answer or even look at the phone. Usually I am dead on with who I feel is calling. When I have NOT "guessed" correctly -- the person I guessed always calls on the rude line while I"m talking to the first caller (or else the phone rings as soon as I hang up and it's them).

POINT IS: When I guess someone's name -- there's evidence to suggest that person was thinking about me; in the very least. [Please try practicing this method yourself. The more you practice, the better you get at it!]

Every thought you have, dear reader, sends out an energetic wave that can be snatched from the cosmos. While private businesses within our Nation have access to machines that can read minds (I blogged on this topic a short while back) you can definitely imagine how THAT might make the world a more honest place in the years to come. Perhaps it's time for souls to begin working hard on developing greater personal honesty and integrity.
The more people who begin to realize that thoughts are energy -- and those "sound waves" continue circulating in the air -- the fewer who will be so willing to entertain violent or grossly deviant thoughts.


Fijufic said...

The universe presents many more variables than we think about on the first, second or third shot.

I have never met anyone who batted a thousand before.

Since we aren't perfect I'll say that you are extremely gifted. I rarely get everything perfect on any shot. Live music is a perfect example.

Got a flaw? Hmmmm....Join the club.

We love you anyways.


Spiral Dancer said...

This made me laugh and nod my head all the way through. When I used to read for people I really had to let go and trust it is the hardest thing to go with that first sometimes totally wacky thought.:)

Breath-e said...

"Guessing" who's on the phone before I look at it is one of my favorite daily past-times. :)

becomingkate said...

The lady that did all legal signatures on my loan always knew it was me when I was calling, and she doesn't have caller ID. I can only do that with Bill.

SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ You are correct. I keep reminding myself as such. I think I work even HARDER because of how public is the feedback and how I have no control over the responses people leave for me. Admit it. THAT is a scary position to be in: where every mistake you make could be made public!

Spiral Dancer ~ You are absolutely right. I must let go of my ego all the time. I must banish self doubt. I must NOT allow quivering thoughts such as: "but what if I'm wrong?" to get in the way.

Breathe-e ~ YEAY! And . . . do tell . . . how accurate are you? Have you noticed what I stated, above, that when you are wrong it's only because that caller is next in line?

Kate ~ As your children go you will be able to do that with them as well. It has to do with how connected you are with a person. When I have absolutely NO IDEA who is calling me it's usually because it's a telemarketer and I don't want to answer the call. :D

Hibiscus Moon said...

Firstly, thank you for the healing energy you sent to Mylo.

I love these explanations of thought energy here. Its so true.

SunTiger said...

Hibiscus Moon ~ You are so welcome. I love animals (as do you). They rely so heavily upon us for their care and well-being . . . entrust us with so much.

LeftCoastLobstah said...

I would like to hear your thoughts on the 2012 theory. Mine in short is that many things will be triggered that year (have you charted out 12/21 that year? Kind of interesting ...) but that nothing on a grand scale will happen either way all in one day.

SunTiger said...

LeftCoastLobstah ~ I also do not believe the blabbed about hysteria (that the world will end). Meanwhile, dramatic change is already happening. We saw it last year in the way of the world's financial fiasco. What I am seeing is many more manifestations on the metaphysical level.

Many more eye witness reports of Faeries, etc. will begin happening. {I look forward to so many exciting events to come -- so much of it will be very cool}

Alianna said...

Does the 2012 theory come from the Aztec calendar supposedly ending in that year?

SunTiger said...

Alianna ~ It actually comes from a variety of sources. Some say Nostradams predicted cataclysmic events at that time. Edward Cayce (aka "the sleeping prophet") also made predictions about 2012. The most commonly known predictions come from the Mayans . . . as 2012 is when their astrological predictions END.

Meanwhile: I spoke with one of the 13 Grandmothers, Maria Theresa. She said the Mayans are angry at the American authors who came down there to investigate and then twisted what they preach as truth. The Mayan predict the sun is going into the Milky way and will disappear from Earth's view BEFORE 2012. They repeatedly insist that 2012 represents a change in the Earth "as we know it" but it does NOT mean "the end of the world."

Historically -- the monotheistic religions that have persecuted people world-wide for centuries -- destroyed nearly all Mayan publications: killed the Shamans, teachers and wise people who could have given us greater clarity on the topic.


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