Sunday, March 29, 2009

HEY! Where'd THAT Thought Come From?

This weekend has been long and very busy. I'm feeling very lucky to be enjoying so many professional opportunities -- and feel inspired by the new invitations I'm receiving (in-spite of the fact that I'm fighting a migraine headache today; and am able to function only with the help of meds meant to diminish such nagging pest-like concerns).

One of the questions that came up in one of the metaphysical classes I taught regarded how a person can discern between spirits. The truth is -- you MUST know yourself before you can accomplish that very necessary spiritual goal.

If an individual cannot distinguish between his/her own thoughts (know what makes the self tick) that individual might not even realize all the thoughts rattling about his/her head are not actually his/her own. S/he might not realize the thoughts inside his/her head actually belong to a fellow human passing by, or the thoughts of a passing entity,

Pay attention to your own body (e.g., what are its physical reactions to any given thought). Ask yourself: "How does this particular thought make me feel?"

If a thought makes you feel uncomfortable -- it's very doubtful that the thought originated with you. More likely you're picking up on someone else's mental ponderings.


Spiral Dancer said...

So very true! I sometimes, on a bad day, have a committee in my head! Joking aside though, meditation is good, but I recognise the difference now through feelings and tones. Will be in touch re reading soon, I have worked out the conversion rate- will have to check my budget :( . Hope the migraine clears up soon!

Dolly said...

I loved this post, that's all very true and sometimes harder than it seems!

Fijufic said...

My mother in law is finally convinced her house is inhabited by spirits!!!!

I've been saying it for years!!!


Breath-e said...

This is the perfect example of why the best part of my day is when I get to crawl into bed at the end of the day and relax and tell all those thoughts that aren't mine to go home. I get to call all my own thoughts home for the night to get tucked in. Then I can sleep.

It's freaky to be in a store and all the sudden be thinking about grand-ghildren. I don't have any.


Saint Gabriel the Kiss and Tell said...

If only it were so easy to sort a MIGRAINE!!! Actually, those are an occupational hazard, amongst mystics; Scn has a prepared list for those. Anything that powers up the Spirit, makes the head fit worse. I suspect Epillepsy is related, as seizures are how the brain expresses pain, but that'll take some research.

My nephew should be on his way home from my brother's wedding, in the next few hours; I think they were going to see the Bronx Zoo, first, and he tends to be a bit off in another world. The here-abouts doesn't tend to hold his interest, so he's going to have to learn about the magic behind Reality. My Great Uncle's Family, that he's been adopted into, making him his own third cousin, has closed the old factory, and the City of Fircrest has rezoned the site into something unsalable, yet the county still wants to collect property taxes, so I refered them to that crazy chicken lady in the Auburn Area, for moral support.

There's a Hand Clapping Game that I'd like the Cof$ to learn, that should handle most of their issues, kin as it is to Sangraal, and it might be worth while to find a kid to make it fun.

You may want to get the headache remedy, before you try to release that kind of power, or it might even be something to help. Let me get a second opinion, here... The Fool came away, and revealed himself upright, in Shuffling, looking a lot like that kid... Drawn is the Two of Pentacles Upright: Difficulty in launching new projects; Difficult situations; New troubles; Embarrassment. Gee, how well that describes my position; has it anything to say about yours?

I'd like to do Burning Man, this year, where the theme is Evolution, The Tangled Bank, and I'd like to use some stirring cauldron to promote the Evolution of our Tangled Banks. Financing a venture like that is going to require a miracle, but the kind of power I'd like to touch, is capable of vastly greater miracles.

I may have found the kid's Naturess, who's memorial was held on my brother's wedding day, as a twentieth anniversary, but he's a couple years older than that, so he's a changeling, if I'm right. Still epilleptic, so it ain't genetic.

Please don't dawdle, on getting that prepared list. Dawdle is my name, not yours.

Arawn Graalrd - Dawdle, Son of Luck

SunTiger said...

Spiral Dancer ~ Thank you for your kind sentiments. I do hope to hear from you again soon.

Dolly ~ Glad you can relate.It took me a long time to figure that all out.

Fijufic ~ You're just a fast learner. :D

Breath-e ~ What a powerful nightly ritual you describe!

Saint Gabriel/Arawn ~ Thought provoking story you tell about your nephew. (Thank you for your comments). Also . . . of what list do you speak Sir Arawn?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

SunTiger, Kitty,
this ol' bird never thought about it that way-- I mean I am FIRM WITH YOU on the listening to the mind-body; just never connected the negativity emanating 'from' me to be not therein originating...

NOW I BEGIN TO COMPRENDS "psychic defense"

where before i've been so dense...

Thanks, TiGirl!

Panademona said...

I had a lot of trouble with this in high school. Because I was so sensitive to other people's emotions I would often find myself feeling really happy or really sad when this had nothing to do with my thoughts or the conversations I was having with others. Once I realized what was going on things got a lot easier. :-)

SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ You are so welcome. Glad something I wrote had relevant meaning for you.

Panademona ~ You're definitely empathic.

LeftCoastLobstah said...

Burning Man would rock so hard!

Arawn Graalrd said...

Cygnus has just discovereda paradox of the art of suppressing negativity. Refusing to acknowledge negativity can also be a negative. I used to talk to a chemistry proffessor, with visions of grabbing him by the neck, and ripping his guts out, which I probably wouldn't, if his entire life didn't involve repressing such thoughts.

At the after wedding brunch, this weekend, I find my brother's new mother in law is a Friend of Bill's. I thought they might have value as a banking family, but this might give me access to get Bill Clinton active on the Devadasi cause, as a way of sharing The Grail with King Solomon. My brother Mark hadn't been there, by reason of disgrace on the subject of Marriage, and I wonder if he's just having a tantrum, that Clinton was able to remain in office. I wonder when MP3was born? Too recent, but an influence was likely involved.

As to the list I'm talking about, have you ever heard of Volney Mathison? He wrote a book on Secrets of the Crystal Pendulum, maybe in the '40s, he'd also designed an Electro-Psychometer to help the Psychoanalytic Field, because Psychoanalysts are always asking questions that would work best on themselves. The same wrong question phenomenon was a problem in Scientology, so Hubbard adopted and adapted the E-Meter, and built a bunch of practices around it. Counselors are always looking at cases as how they'd be benefitted, and ignoring the exstraneous thoughts that actually give clues to particular cases, not taking the time to tell them apart. One method is The Prepared List, of which one gives all the things that might interfere with a case, and includes most causes of Headache. Even legitimate brain injuries, tend to have these elements involved, but I used to have some fairly nasty migraines. People flee in terror, or just become disinterested in relationships, which is the same thing, due to the same influences that cause headaches so, if you don't want to go anywhere near your local Cof$, get a second opinion from your pendulum, we may be playing the two of coins.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

LeftCoastLobstah ~ Are you referring to the Wicker Man? (Not sure we're connecting on the "burning man" concept)

Arawn Graalrd ~ No. I have NOT heard of that name before. Interesting concepts tho.

Arawn Graalrd said...

Burning Man is not to be confused with Wicker Man, but is an artists convention. This year's theme is Charles Darwin, but I'd like to play with the theme, Evolution - The Tangled Bank, and do something with promoting the Evolution of Our Tangled Banks.

All Banking descends from Dagda's Cauldron. I happen to know the basic formula.

I know of a site in Fircrest, that might like an excuse to be tax exempt. How far away is that?

In the course of my weekend, we had a memorial for my sister, a score of years late. He seems to be reborn in Second Life, but longer than she's been dead, which would imply a Changeling, or some kind of shadow connection.

Arawn Graalrd


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