Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Does A Mystic Make Art?

Practically everyone knows the health value of making art; e.g, to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. I've actually always enjoyed rather LOW blood pressure -- but sometimes, when I'm providing psychic readings, really weird stuff happens.

For instance: today, while doing an email reading, I completely took on the energy of my client. In the past I've had similar experiences where I felt someone's sexual energy, their passion for a particular career, their fear or emotional grief. Sometimes, while I'm writing a psychic response to an email, I can feel when my customer will laugh out loud with relief for the good news -- or feel frustrated with a message they didn't really want to receive.

TODAY -- because the client was so utterly full of passion and the raw energy was very intense -- very root-chakra RED energy -- I felt utterly and completely emotionally exhausted by the time I mailed off the forecast. I felt like I needed an infusion of good MOJO.

Taking a break to create "art" really helps me unwind from such an emotionally charged psychic reading. That's why I'm creating wreaths right now. I just finished one green ivy wreath with barbed wire forming a pentacle in the middle. I need to add a few more roses to embellish it. Doug has my camera over in Boston right now or I'd post a photo.

NOTE: Today's photo is BORROWED (click on the wreath to see it in its original context). I liked this picture because that's an Irish symbol called "Brighid's cross" folded in the middle. Goddess Brighid is she who inspires healers, poets, metal-smiths and art.


Tara Maya said...

What a good idea to use art to ground that excess energy.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

For me the question would be why do i plant and landscape.
It's my way of creating with the natural world and forces already in existence to add more beauty in the same way...

SunTiger said...

Tara Maya ~ Works! (As you know; personally).

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ I totally relate. {{LOVE gardening.}}

TheLubeFaerie said...

I love that wreath! I need to get back into a creative mood.

SunTiger said...

Me too. I worked so hard this weekend that I only worked half a day today . .. need to clean the house and I've neglected that . . .

Argh. So much to do. Not enough hours to play!


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