Thursday, March 26, 2009

How To Make Art Beautiful Enough To ReflectThe Importance of My Day-Job?

It's late and I'm playing around with computer-art (as you can tell by the above image). I cannot seem to design a professional-enough looking banner for promote my virtual office. (Where I provide Psychic Readings when I'm not hired directly through "Sleeping on it" always seems to help me -- so I'm sure I'll have a much better design in mind when I awake in the morning.

The same is true when I'm working on an email reading for someone. When no "message" seems to be coming, I've learned it's best to get up and take a break (return to the question in a moment or two). That "breather" always seems to allow the messages to come to me (when I'm not trying to literally force psychic-ability to happen).

This is one of the reasons I do NOT like to provide readings via "live chat." There's that tick-tick-TICKING of the pay-meter; which makes an intuitive feel like she must perform QUICKLY. I'd rather perform ACCURATELY and keep my customers returning due to their contentment with a quality service..

I'm really looking forward to teaching the two metaphysical classes this weekend.
I feel like I'm in my own realm when I'm standing in front of a small group of fascinated adults.


Spiral Dancer said...

Hi , I am interested in the email reading process as I would like to offer something like that myself from where I live in Scotland. Did you do it through a company or set up yourself? Also wondering how much you charge for that as I would like to get a reading myself from someone who doesn't know me that well ( there is someone locally but I feel she already knows what will come up if you know what I mean) That is if you were able to do one internationally. Sorry lots of questions! No worries if you cant answer them have no time whatever.
Bright blessings.

Fijufic said...

That promo doesn't seem bad to me. You know she (That lady)has come a long way from Fishing in Alaska dont'cha know?


SunTiger said...

Spiral Dancer ~ If you click on the graphic design you will go straight to my virtual office (offered through LivePerson; my URL is Last I heard LivePerson was not accepting new psychics at their site but who knows how long that moratorium will last. (Always worthwhile to check things out.) I hope to hear from you. You simply send me a question through the email button (at my virtual office) I provide proof of psychic connection. You hit the "hire button" and the psychic reading begins!

Fijufic: LMAO. {Thank you, luv.}

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I for one can appreciate the accuracy versus immediacy angle..

Like it, SunTiger!

I'll be reorganizing my sidebar this weekend to help me quit missing your updates... apologize for not stopping in more regular-like...


Hibiscus Moon said...

I wished I lived close by so that I could attend both of your classes this weekend. Have fun doing them.


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