Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ramblings (Link to Lucky Rice Recipe)

I've learned a lot from selling on eBay. For one thing, I've felt more fairly treated by! That's because eBay arbitrarily adds extra fees to sellers (at random). The big fees apply even when an item does not sell.

EXAMPLE: While eBay offers an "enlarge this photo" option -- it frequently charges the seller.35 for utilizing such. So I opted out of that feature -- until eBay decided, since I wasn't using it, they'd offer it to me for FREE. eBay then added fees to whatever features I HAD been using as a seller courtesy. (e.g., eBay just now charged me for updating posted information -- a function that used to be "FREE").

Long story short . . . eBay is losing my patronage. I'm leaning towards selling more on -- which only charges once an item sells and the item can be posted forever until it sells.

QUESTION: Do any of you ever purchase groceries from Amazon? I just realized this morning how you can buy coffee, toilet paper, etc. in bulk and save cash from what's offered at the local grocery & Costco stores. (Shipping is offered for FREE).

  • Toilet paper. With so many people struggling financially, I recall how difficult it was keeping toilet paper in the house, when as a single parent I received little or no child support and my daycare fees were more than $700/month.
  • Hot showers. Having fished Alaska five summers in a row -- I will NEVER take a hot shower for granted; never again.
  • Pavement: Each season I flew home from the muddy streets in Alaska villages, I seriously wanted to kiss the asphalt. I'd missed the many benefits of living in a "civilized" society -- where you can go to the store and buy well-fitting lady's undergarments when you need them.
I'm putting the finishing touches on my class curriculum for this Saturday's "House Blessing And Clearing" course. I'm teaching the ghost-busting stuff at the Crescent Moon Gifts (shop in Tacoma). I also have some more preparation to do for the Pallomancy class (Pendulum divination) that I'm teaching at the East West Bookshop in North Seattle this coming Sunday.

Recipe for making "Lucky" rice is posted at CyberCoven!


Fijufic said...

You make a good point about things we take for granted.

I fished with my father over the summers and while it was commercial I am sure we didn't encounter the harshness you did in Alaska.

I use craigslist for many things and find that for advertising rental houses it is the best source for tenants.

I am selling an electric piano because it is way too big to ship.

For the things you are selling perhaps you need a broader audience.

Craigslist rocks for small stuff if your community supports it.


SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ Craigslist limits the audience by location. That would hurt my particular business. Thanks for suggesting it tho -- as I have promoted my classes there (which are local). YAY CRAIGSLIST!

becomingkate said...

It's so true about the TP! I'm always surprised at how often I have to buy it.

SunTiger said...

I heard, back in High School from a friend who traveled to Russia, that the family she stayed with only allowed THREE squares of toilet paper for each time she used the restroom. LOL. Can you imagine???


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