Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Camole: After ALL We Women Have Been Through!

I surprised myself by getting my granny-panties in a twist over yet ANOTHER front page article this morning. (I don't REALLY wear big old-lady underwear. I just thought that sounded funnier than admitting what I DO/or don't wear -- which is truly nobody's business).

The Kent Reporter (local newspaper) promoted the same sleazy venue this second week around; even after every opinion letter submitted to that paper openly complained about the upcoming event. (Nobody who wrote in wanted this venue to come to town).

I'm not so utterly opposed to adult entertainment. I don't even care that it's coming to my town. I'm just offended by the way local reporters and city officials keep trying to pass this thing off like it's some sort of legitimate daytime family event. What kind of message does that send to our elementary and junior high girls who are trying very hard to make it onto the various sports teams by working so very hard athletically? This women-in-lingerie-playing-football thing feels so demeaning to women athletes everywhere. I seriously feel sick about it.

Holy crap I campaigned so hard to be able to play sports as a kid. The female sports teams were never offered a budget (not like the boys teams were) and that made being aggressive on the soccer fields very painful. Meanwhile, we played hard anyway because we girls REALLY wanted to prove we could do it.

So now that we've finally made some ground in women's sports we have pole dancers dressing up like football players and prancing around publicly in pink frilly lingerie and nobody is calling it what it is: "Adult Entertainment." Do we really want to teach our sisters, daughters, nieces, etc. to run around virtually naked like that in broad daylight? That's how this town is now labeling such arena exposure: calling them "athletes" as cat calls are made to any man, woman, child or hungry infant willing to watch so many breasts heaving that football around inside the new facility. We wouldn't allow our young men to dress that way -- why is it socially acceptable for the girls?

What's more -- I wrote into the paper to dare the Kent Reporter to show me ONE local business they've ever promoted with this much FREE publicity (front page news, full color photos, way too much exposure on-line). I'm so bored with the ILLegitimate "news" lately. There's a real offensive odor about it all.

The City Mayor may as well start grunting like the hog-she-is (with the way she's sending this city down a huge mud-slide into the a time before the dark ages). She's seriously using her political office to promote the event; cuddling up to financiers merely to look "cool" when she's older than my mother and should know better.

Where's the decency? Thus I actively campaign against the event -- may have to carry my picket sign while I currently write letters -- for my future grand-daughters (who have yet to be born).

{{Tiger Grr-r-r--r-r-rowl.}}


Celestite said...

That sideshow got coverage here too on the local "news."
The promo said it was about women's football. I was a more than a little disgusted to see something that belonged at Hugh Hefner's mansion being touted as
1. news
2. sport

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Certainly I wouldn't want to teach My daughters (had I any...), nieces, and sister to run around "like that" in daylight ... or dark, for that matter!

Now, YOUR sisters, daughters and Nieces-- different song, Tiger Lady; different altogether...

Fijufic said...

I am all for athletics but perhaps their dignity is at stake. I don't fully know the circumstances.


SunTiger said...

Celestite ~ EXACTLY. You canNOT put a helmet on a pole dancer and call her a football player without offending everybody.

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ Funny how we must disassociate to think it's alright. Hmmmm?

Fijufic ~ I understand these women CHOOSE their careers and thus they are not concerned with dignity. The issue I have is for the dignity of every other woman in society who does NOT choose the oldest profession for a living.

Arawn Graalrd said...

I know they wouldn't use Tackle, for Women's Football, but Touch is too tame. How do they indicate that a carrier's been stopped?

Yes, my mind is in the Gutter, I was just reading an old book on the literature of our Ladies of the Evening. I guess these girls would class as Party Girls, which is the highest class of such, in this country. Ask which editor the girl suggested sleeping with, 'cause Reporters aren't paid enough to write the news.

Don't get even; get ahead: it pays better; you look better; the other guy feels worse, long after others have forgotten the affair.

What will that editor be doing, when the paper goes bankrupt? Our "Correction," of the Red Rum School of Economics, has caused businesses to carefully examine what their advertising investments are producing.

These advertisements should be good, ultimately, for community togeatherness. I'd suggest investing in placards, so others can march with you. "Every crowd" says P. T. Barnum, "has a Silver Lining." Better, sell blank plackards and paints, so all can be heard.

I'll bet it's mostly conservative housewives that attend this FootPorn. The Internet was born for Porn, but Women have always been the real market. Sex is a sharing, and that's a Feminine Activity. Share the protest.


becomingkate said...

I'm not sure what is, but I'm glad that it's too cold for that here.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ because of what's happening in the opinion page I know this protest is shared, partner.

BecomingKate ~ Please. The mornings here still hit the 30's. It's pretty dad-burned cold. Maybe it will snow the days they play. (That would just be too happy)


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