Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bastet -- Cat Goddess HAS A BID

Mmmmmkay. Those of you who read my blog entry last weekend about the likeness of the Cat Goddess Bastet already know the big odds I faced attempting to sell Her statue on eBay.

I'm very happy to report "We HAVE a Bidder Now!" (the auction ends tomorrow). Hurray for Bastet!

{{Did I tell you Pagan Gods always come through for those who ask?}} Seriously. This is NOT a blind faith that the Pagans follow. People who follow a belief system where they would not be willing to put their deity(s) to the test are likely in a BLIND sort of faith (what may feel like a security blanket to them is probably not working very efficiently for them on a deep energetic level).

Secret Admission: I "got" (psychically) that Bastet would ensure that my cat statue would sell even while brand new versions of this same deity were NOT selling on eBay. So in THAT sense, me posting that whole blog entry about how Bastet would perform was not entirely fair -- when I utterly KNEW SHE WOULD.


I just need to use my intuition more while selling OTHER items. I've been relying too much on what I like, personally, (trying to sell items I'd use in my home) when I'm probably a little too eclectic in my "tastes" to attract the shopping masses. Things are going to keep getting better for me as a merchant -- I know it. I just need to get over this short-term learning curve. I need to practice doing more "readings" for myself when it comes to marketing what items for success.

Here's me, having a heart-to-heart talk with my Pug, Artemis, in regards to him not connecting the dots about his obligation to only urinate OUTSIDE.
People say we look very much like our pets. Do Artemis and I look alike? (I think our wrinkles match). LOL.
I asked Doug to retake the above photo because you cannot see Artemis' ears (and his ears are really soft and cute)


Breath-e said...

Artemis won't like his picture, I'm afraid. He has his eye shut. Do dogs dislike their pictures as much as humans? PS: Great ears.

I'm not surprised by Bastet. Beautiful statue, wonderful goddess.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Woohooo! Good going on the ebay selling.

The only resemblance that I see between you and that adorable dog is that you are both very attractive and have happy faces. :)

Celestite said...

After the energy you poured into that statue, you knew that Bast was not going to let it go unwanted.

SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~ Artemis loves gettnig his picture taken. His eye was only shut because he was winking at YOU. (-; You're talking about MY ears being "great." Right? LOL. And Yep. Bastet. Like you said, is Vun-derful.

Hibiscus Moon ~ Yeah! Woohooo.
{Thank you for the dog comparison. I wish could say I was as consistently oober-happy as Artemis always seems to be.}

Celestite ~ Like I said: A Pagan asks -- the God(desses) listen! (No wonder that other guy -- the jealous god -- feels so competitive).

becomingkate said...

great pics!

Labetine said...

What cute pictures. I think there is a resemblance, both of you are beautiful. :)

SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ Why thank you!

Betty ~ LOL.


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