Thursday, April 2, 2009

Communicating Energetically

Anyone who wants to communicate with spirits must first learn how to communicate with living-breathing human beings. That being stated . . . I'm going to confess one really bizarre experience I had outside Safeway, yesterday. That's where I communicated, non-verbally, with a very attractive young blond female who was driving a black compact car that looked much like a Ford Escort.

In my red Toyota Tacoma pickup, I had just pulled off 132nd Ave and into the lot. Since a line of cars, going in the opposite direction, had begun to pile up at the stop sign, I hoped the gal driving the approaching black car would let turn left ahead of her (since she was going to get stopped by all the waiting traffic and I needed to park in the left lot). I put my left blinker on.

Instead of letting me pass she slowly inched forward and glared at me all the while. It was
like some sort of scene from that Fried Green Tomatoes movie (if you haven't watched it,
where young girls steal a middle aged woman's parking spot, you must!). "Tawanda!"

Seriously. The young blond turned her head to stare at me the entire length of time that it took her to drive forward to park behind other cars at that stop light. (I did manage to turn
left BEHIND her; thankfully).

Meanwhile, before that, something in me made me just stare back at her. I even tried to
make my eyes go bug-eyed while we locked eyes.

Isn't that hilarious? I am realizing what a pain in the Rumplestiltskin I am becoming the older I get. I am now beginning to understand all the old geezers who used to complain about the "Young Whipper-snappers" from the generation of my youth.

Life teaches us many things. I know -- if I cannot read the energies of people passing me by at the Safeway parking lot, and if I cannot relate to their experience on some level, I probably won't be able to communicate with those in the metaphysical realm either.


Breath-e said...

Tawanda! Great movie.

Fijufic said...

Oh my God that sounds absolutely nuts to get stared down by a lady in the parking lot of a Grocery store...

I LOVE your reaction.


Hibiscus Moon said...

Cute story...and yes, I do rmember that scene. its classic!

Arawn Graalrd said...

Recriminations are sometimes easier than appology.

I was just reading a joke of the day, about a proffessor of Sociology, who never failed a single student, but once failed an entire class. The class started the semester, firm and unified in the belief that socialism worked so, as an experiment, They agreed that they should all have equal grades, that they could pass or fail togeather.

At the first test, the class averaged to a B;

At the second test, some were less motivated, and some had never been motivated, and the class averaged at D;

In the Final, some were accusing, and some were recriminating, and none were motivated in themselves, so they scored such a resounding F, that the average was F.

Allowing one person to turn across traffic is one thing; requiring every person to wait on the same traffic light is called Grid Lock.

How dare you sit there, and remind her of the scorn she deserves? You should have made her bright enough to be courteous, before signalling.

SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~ Yes it was!

Fijufic ~ Totally. And I felt "nuts" staring back. LOL.

Hibiscus Moon ~ Yay. Glad you enjoyed the movie as much as me.

Arawn ~ I always hated the "sliding scale" grading system and your story validates my feelings. Meanwhile, I refuse to feel guilty about glaring back at somebody. It actually felt quite humorous.


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