Friday, February 13, 2009

She Changes Everything She Touches

While Activist and Author Starhawk's words did not leave me feeling a new mission to go out, protest, and get arrested (as she has done on so many occasions -- although I do think I'll do that sometime before I die) I do suppose that kind of “activist mentality” will envelope and fully inspire all those who attend her weekend presentations in Seattle (while I must stay home due to my necessity to work so I can attend her rally again someday in the future).

Last night, Starhawk repeatedly made the audience laugh. She admitted choosing the night's topic was a long process and planning transpired before the U.S. presidential election. She admitted she could not decide, at the time, if her topic was going to be about how to move forward as an activist under Obama’s presidency – or, should the "other guy" get elected, be about how to not kill ourselves.

. . . more on Starhawk's presentation

Starhawk, if you don't know her, is a widely publicized Wiccan Witch. Here's a (very dated) documentary that plays the same Goddess song she sang last night, where the lyrics in their entirety are: "She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes."


Fijufic said...


While I do not have a witch in my household I understand that there are multitudes of them in every part of the country.

Some men and children claim this to be true in their very own households!!!

Perhaps their demeanor gives them away?

Love ya!!!


SunTiger said...

Demeanor? What do you mean, exactly?

greeneyes67 said...

Wow. Starhawk is just incredible. What an inspiration! That clip is on a documentary I own and watch yearly. When I read your title I saw her clearly just like in that video and passionately saying those words. I love her books. She has truly been influential in my life as a woman, witch and feminist.

As have you. I'm glad to know you. Hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day.. If you celebrate it.. Love and Blessings :)

greeneyes67 said...

I just went and read the other words you wrote about Starhawk. It is sad that we all must grow old and leave this life. She is such a pioneer. Such an inspiration. I want to leave a mark. I also want to connect with the land around me. It's true, we are having such extreme weather here. So many people are out of touch with the earth around them. I don't want to be like that. Thank you for sharing all of this..

SunTiger said...

Greeneyes67 ~ Saint Valentine was killed on the day sacred to the Goddess of Marriage (of course I celebrate the holiday!) LOL.

I am so glad you read the rest of the story . . . I know, from my own body, that I am not going to live forever. We just keep on keeping on until we cannot do it any longer. I get that . . . just feel our good wishes can have some positive benefit in Starhawk's regard.


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