Sunday, February 15, 2009

Universal Love

I've been digging through boxes of old jewelry I bought on eBay {Plan to start designing new 3D artwork from it all} and it takes FOREVER to clean each individual piece.

I canNOT stand handling other people's germy dirty stuff (and no, I'm not a germ-a-phobe!). I actually threw a man's old grimy watch away, it had so many disgusting dead skin cells stuck to the band and on the back of it, etc. Talk about grossing me out! (Oh the joys of dealing with vintage stuff.) It all reminded me of why I hated working in massage therapy . . . skin lesions or eruptions and patient hot flashes.

Inspite of all the cleaning, I am having a lot of fun "discovering" all the old sorts of jewelry I used to wear as a teen. Some of the stuff reminds me of my grandmother. Most of it is very useable and really gives me cool ideas (e.g., working with skeleton keys!).

I'm happy to report I haven't received any psychic messages from the jewelry (e.g., by someone lamenting that their old stuff was given away).

I feel so tired I just want to be pampered tonight. With all the warrior Goddesses in our ancestral knowledge, how come our forefathers did not have one called the "Goddess of Pampering?" I guess she'd actually have to be the "servant" of pampering" . . . but I'm not asking for something for NOTHING. I'd make 3D art in her image if I could just get a serious foot soak, song sung and maybe a deep pore facial right about now. I'd even give HER a massage later . . . when I wasn't feeling so tired myself!


Kashew said...

I'm sure you will create beautiful and fascinating art with the vintage jewelry. And I am visualizing a delicious foot massage that infuses you with warmth, followed by a deep restful sleep.......

...and some chocolate

Be well, my friend!

SunTiger said...

See why I love your visits Kashew? {Thank you!} :D Feel better already!

Arawn Graalrd said...

Pampering? We didn't attain Godhood by being Pampered. You think we want to be exclusive?

A recent news posting, on WitchVox mentioned Hebe was a cupbearer, of some devine lockup, or other, but keep in mind, Psyche didn't get deified by boinking Zeus Cupisceid.

Kama got deified for Pandering, if you want to go that route, but you've got to get flindered, first.

You might do me the favor, of running a hand-clapping circle, for Scientologists who want to make a religion out of Touch Assist. In Touch Assist, the patient gets to stay dressed, and you can even wear Gloves, so Body Ash isn't a problem, unless you learn to Nip. I think the Hand Clapping Game was the work of a past life Templar, each person taking a turn, leading the others in how to clap hands, similar to showing how to hold The Holy Grail, but less pagan. HCOB 5May'65 should have power enough to conquor the world.

Time is Money, and old jewelry bought from e-bay can be sold for more, more slowly. A kiss of the Blarney could help with that.

"Tabitha wanted to help change the baby, but I didn't think it a good idea; she wanted to change him into a rabbit."

Arawn Graalrd

becomingkate said...

I'd love to see pics of your finished art work!

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ It's not about being exclusive and I haven't forgotten how hard and cold those Northern winds blow (how utterly exhausting life was for our ancestors -- or us as we likely lived in such previous life conditions). I just really don't want to live a hard life any more -- wanted the foot massage. LOL.

BecomingKate ~ Well I suppose I need to stop doing psychic readings and get to making some art then!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Good going with the cleaning. Oooo, psychich energy from old jewelry. That must be interesting. What kinds of things have you picked up in the past?

BTW, You’ve been tagged. I just linked your blog to my Nightstand Tag post. Please take a look so you know what to do next.

Æshe said...

i know what you mean...I alter cloathing and get stuff from goodwill and I have to wash things like three times before I even start a project. It just bugs me a bit lol. I would love to see what you make (like everyone else lol) and if you can get her (goddess of pampering) to cut you a deal you should introduce me too. Lol. Well goodluck with the stuff XD

SunTiger said...

Hibiscus Moon ~ Awesome idea. I'll try to get a photo up for tomorrow's blog entry. YAY! {Thanks for including me.}

Æshe ~ I ended up soaking my feet in essential oil-scented water and (amazingly) my pug liked the taste of the nutmeg and wintergreen so he kept licking my feet (seriously a weird sensation to have a dog lick your ticklish toes). I could declare my pug to be a Goddess foot-massager now (the name's Artemis, after all) but since he's male . . . argh.


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