Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Magick Girl Feels Lazy

Over the years of doing psychic readings & working as a mystic & spell-caster online, I am often amazed when people attempt to hire me for spell work when they want to manifest something very ordinary. It’s not that I don’t advertise for providing good MOJO. It’s just that so few understand all the incredible effort it takes to launch magick – especially when they could much more easily just do something physically to manifest the desired reality for themselves; in a shorter amount of time.

Females have actually emailed to ask for a spell to make their boyfriend break up with them. While I have, on occasion, stooped so low as to suggest they merely stop bathing (since they don’t want to end the relationship verbally themselves) that usually makes the customer mad, which is not my goal. I just realize they can save a lot of money by “letting themselves go” and when I explain in detail all the effort it takes to cast a "spell" (and I quote them a reasonable fee for my efforts) they tend to shuffle quickly away.

Another “spell” request I had recently was to make a female get pregnant by her boyfriend “TODAY.” This was actually a much more legitimate request than the former mentioned idea. I’m afraid I probably sent that customer away much too quickly as well (quicker than I should have). I advised her that any spell work which would go against the laws of nature (e.g., trying to get her pregnant when it’s not the correct time of month) would be rather silly.

Her inquiry is making me realize that perhaps I am the one who is feeling lazy/not wanting to do the work. Certainly spell casting is very effective – but any magician who does not pay attention to the signs and omens around her is just plain stupid. Why do all that energy work to manifest something tangible when the young woman merely needs to wait a week to allow fertilization to happen spontaneously/naturally. {Note: I did NOT get any vibes, intuitively, that her boyfriend had plans to leave town any time soon.}

Long story short: it's a pleasure to do spell-work to help someone achieve a more favorable court outcome or otherwise influence the cosmos to work in one's favor when a person cannot achieve such by ordinary means. I simply feel demeaned when people ask me to do something they are highly capable of doing themselves -- or when they assume what I do takes little or no effort at all.

Anyway. That’s my rant for the day.

Richest blessings and more wisdom to all of us; me included.
~ SunTiger

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Arawn Graalrd said...

What's your pendulum say, about not inquiring further? Why today? It might be, the spells are within them, and their requests to you is the omen that they're ready.
The Familiar Method, is to be the foil of their energies, let them do the work, and let them give you all the credit, rather than admitting that they're alive, which is simply more than they're ready for. (Feel Familiar?)

I know of a fine first level fertility booster, but it's not a point and click. It's a matter of Putting your hand to what comes to hand, and getting some good accomplished, before passing it on.

Check your pendulum, before passing on these jobs, a rebuke might be the right thing, or the wrong one, and the right choice is a matter of Grace. It might be more Grace than I've got, but not an impossible level.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

They're not asking me to EDUCATE them, Arawn. They're asking me to do their work (but thanks for the thought-provoking comment). I always check my pendulum when dealing w/customers, by-the-way. :D

greeneyes67 said...

I have received everything I have cast for. But with consequences. I studied and cast very carefully and usually going by Marion Weinstein's advice from Positive Magick and casting for the essence of what I wanted but have had some pretty severe consequences so I gave it up. It's very serious and people don't realize that. Yes, she may get pregnant but lose her boyfriend in the process or something. It's crazy what people want. I just don't get it.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose but I have lived and learned... Hope you are having a good week.

SunTiger said...

Pretty severe consequences? {I don't savvy.} Such has never been my experience.

Chiaroscuro said...

It intrigues me but I always wonder about spell casting and if it would even make any sense since I can probably find a way to get what I want even though it will take more effort or planning than usual. I wonder though, perhaps when I embark on the journey of trying to become great with child that I might request such a help with my or my husband's fertility considering he would be working to shoot "real bullets" after a vas reversal? :P

Companion Wulf said...

It's unfortunate that there are so many misconceptions about spells. People (in general) automatically think that there's a spell for everything, as some kind of global panacea. Whenever I'm asked to do spellwork, I will NOT do pregnancy or reuniting spells. Usually there's an alternative to spells to manifest the "right" energies anyway. Too many people capitalize on spells without explaining how they work first.


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