Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sit Down, Take It Easy

Yesterday I planted a couple of newly purchased rose TREES (much taller and more vibrant than bushes). I placed one on either side of the graveled walk-way that leads from my back porch up to the chicken coop. I visualize walking in-between all sorts of fragrant rose bushes this summer (and I'm in the process of moving other bushes for that very purpose).

Needless to say: my back is KILLING ME TODAY! I've soaked in a very hot bath, meditated, took Ibuprofen, and now I'm sitting on a kneading pad that works like a heated massage chair. OMG do I need to exercise more regularly. This spontaneous "plant a tree" effort I've been doing for exercise is just not working for my body. Every time I try to get out of my chair I walk like a 90-year-old woman (and I still have a cherry tree in the front yard to plant . . . soon as it quits raining).

I'm finally working on that Law of Attraction article. (I know I've mentioned it before but I keep putting it off.) One of the things the editor (rightly so) despised was the way I compared the Law of Attraction's acronym "LOA" with angel-like spirits known to Voodoo practitioners (called "Loa"). Anyway . . . I'm cutting that part out of the story . . . and feel thankful for this sit-down, take-it-easy, job today of just writing while it rains hard outside.


Alianna said...

I always find eucalyptus very soothing as well; maybe it wil help you!

"Spontaneous" and "plant a tree(s)" should never been in the same sentence. Lol. It sounds like it will be beautiful though! Pictures when they bloom?

Breath-e said...

I appreciate the weather report more than you know. Ah, roses in the summer...just the thought makes me smile.

Tish said...

Sorry about your back! I don't really like being at an age where my spontaneity is thrall to my old body...

Here's my Perfect Job:
The Perfect Job

Allows for me to still have relaxed mornings with Ridge.
Pays me to edit and write.
Pays me well.
Has flexible rules about time off so I can travel with my family.
Will not be so stressful as to harm my heart, soul or general well-being.
Is one I wake up looking forward to every day.
Part of the job is connecting with people in a real and uplifting way.

Let me know when and where your LOA article is published!

SunTiger said...

Alianna ~ I believe I have eucalyptus essential oil somewhere. I have to try it. My garden is definitely spontaneous. If something grows too large I just relocated it the following winter . . . keeps the place in perfect balance that way.

Breathe-e ~ Oddly enough, I also appreciate weather reports from other blog locations. It's good to put a friendly face to what's happening with the environment.

Tish ~ Did you have to mention the "age" contribution? LOL. Your job sounds WONDERFUL (especially the high flexibility/pays well part). That's definitely NOT unreasonable -- but will take effort and time making it happen. Positive thoughts your way in that regard.

becomingkate said...

Hope your back gets better asap!

SunTiger said...

Ah Kate, thanks. {Better already.}


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