Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time To Unplug

What is the mind and what is the body by comparison? I've been thinking about this question rather deeply; now that I'm feeling hormonal (as a middle-aged woman) and too easily swayed, emotionally.

I've decided (so far, and -- as always -- I'm willing to be disproved) that the mind is separate from the body and yet very much connected to it. More specifically, the mind is made of ether and it's formless. It leaves the body as the soul departs at death; while the body is mass, with computer-like technology and it maintains memory from habit.

Maybe the mind can be represented by some super-eager (scrawny-pale-white-guy) driver of a new high-tech Mercedes Benz. That luxury car can symbolize the human body. While a dude/mind repeats habits, over and over, the body becomes so familiar with those actions it seems to take on a brain of its own. Eventually, it seems as though the body/car has learned from habit, as if, when going to work in the morning the car KNOWS what road the driver wants to travel down -- so while the mind takes a vacation (ponders paying bills, being a better parent, contemplating how that car-rattle reminds them of the youngest child in the family) and goes elsewhere -- the body's memory takes that person to the desired point of destination.

If the driver needs to deviate from the usual route to work, that mind will have to stay focused upon the "here and now" to override the body's memory (to not miss the turn-off). Otherwise, the highly advanced car will just repeat the habits it's so familiar with.

UPDATE & NOTE TO READERS: Because of a comment made, I realize I should clarify that I am not personally SCREAMING at shoppers (see story, below). This is merely a parable (example) of brain activity to ponder.

We are all like a little girl inside a grocery store where a crazy man purposefully and with intent ran her over with his shopping cart. That little girl, because she was badly injured, grows up with that terrible memory of abuse from her past.

After that -- any time someone bumps their cart into that now grown woman, her body recalls the tragic memory and maybe she explodes with rage. "Why the hell don't you watch where you are going?"

Perhaps the villain is merely a the little old woman who was reaching down to the bottom shelf for a can of tomato juice when she bumped her cart with her super-sized backside. Or maybe the villain is a small child who remains completely unaware of how much it hurts to have a shopping cart rammed against the ankles.

Regardless -- the screaming woman suddenly realizes the memories in her body are now trying to override her mind. She's completely over-reacting to situations at hand and she needs to UNplug . . . to reboot the computer.

Fresh start.


Fijufic said...

Being away from this information overload is about the only way I know how to unplug.

Relax, get some fresh air.


jadedj said...

My opinion is, no matter the circumstances of WHY, to over react in that way, invites negative energy into your persona. Negative energy is not good. This person needs to do something positive to counteract the negative. Having said that, I have spent a good deal of my life atoning for negative energy...generated

"Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" as it were.

BonnieBehave said...

I'm convinced that with some work at it we can reprogram such habitual/instinctual reactions to ones that benefit us better.

I've made great progress with it in certain areas. If only I could get it to work on my spider phobia! It is exhausting being paranoid and on guard against the little critters for six months out of the years. I swear, I do all my sleeping and relaxing Nov-April.

Okay, I'll quit dumping my issues here, lol.

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ You're so kind.

JadedJ ~ So not with you on this one partner. {I'm so bored with that mindless could-care-less New Age "you did it to yourself" bull-crap.}
Thanks for stopping by. Even when I don't agree with a comment I still appreciate the fact that you were willing to take time out of your life to pay my blog a visit.

BonnieBehave ~ Hypnotherapy has a lot of curative options to offer phobia situations. Life, itself, can feel exhausting at certain times.

jadedj said...

Oops, so sorry that rankled you, Sun. It was meant in a positive way (as it were). I'm surprised to learn that I am "new age". I suppose I don't quite see the difference between what I posted and what Bonnie posted. But then, I guess I'm not very well-versed on what is "bull-crap" and what isn't.

Arawn Graalrd said...

Just as a bat would flap wings, without continuous postulations of posture, so do we walk about, with one foot after the other, habitually catching ourselves as we fall.
I'd devide in three parts, where you've a driver, a vehicle computer network, and a structure, and this becomes four, if we count the road. Ayurvedic Medicine regards the mind of the driver as part of the vehicle network, and the spirit of the driver as a seperate unit, but that can get into the chasing of a moving target. I know Dianetics deals in something of the sort, and evolved from Freud's adaptation of Hypnotherapy, to those resistent to Hypnosis.
We could describe these as the Psychic Mind, and the Somatic Mind, where the Psychic Mind excersizes Free Will and Awareness, and the Somatic Mind reacts out of a desperate greed. When I get my act togeather, I intend to adress this distinction with an economic remedy, healling the relationship between Consumer and Producer, since the Somatic Mind will only produce in order to consume, and the Psychic Mind will only consume in order to produce. It happens the distinction of these is what makes Past Lives true, and the indistinction of these that makes past lives false, since a union of Psychic and Somatic Minds would not usually be a past life relationship.
Ever notice how, when driving, pedestrians can be annoying and in the way, while, when walking, the cars can be annoying and in the way?

SunTiger said...

JadedJ ~ LOL. Nice comeback. You're writing a lot more patiently than my writing sounds right now (Certainly misunderstandings happen -- but never w/intent on my part.) One day we will have to talk about the idea of DRAWING stuff to oneself -- and the horrors I've been through at New Age circles (e.g., hypnotherapy coursework) where people point their finger at victims of cancer claiming they did it to themselves, etc. Today, however, the topic was how the brain works.
~ Peace.

Arawn ~ HOPEFULLY we catch ourselves as we're about to fall. I'm having a difficult separating soul from mind. I'd love to talk about that in more detail. The right/creative/psychic mind and the left/analytical/rational mind is an entirely different topic. Hmmmm?

becomingkate said...

I believe that my body does stuff like that. I keep working away at it (maybe by the time I'm 70 it'll go away, lol)

SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ Thank you SO MUCH for "understanding" and for not being judgmental or telling me to just "focus on the positive" or WORSE: saying "You drew this to yourself somehow." Thank you for truly listening and for sharing.


Arawn Graalrd said...

I wonder if I should dance about, chortling how Sun Tiger drew idiot fellow Hypnotherapists onto herself.
Of course, we'd then blame all the evils of Psychiatry on L. Ron Hubbard, after all, he had a problem with Psychiatry.
I've been reflecting on the Spiritual and Economic circumstances of Psychiatry, and have so far concluded, that the eco-niche is different from Psychotherapy. Psychotherapists deal with people who're worried about their cases, while Psychiatrists deal with those who're worried about other's cases. The pack, where anxious about a member, is going to be open to a bit of healling, and, since we judge others as we demand judgement, every accusation of Insanity, is a confession.
Rather similar to how Corpse Handlers are asked to deal with those, the community thinks are dead, when it's the community, that can no longer discourse with that person. It's a bit carrionovourous, waiting on tragedies to dignify your industry, but Morticians get to work with the assurance, that all will attend their temples.
I'm not sure brain side is more than arbitrary, but someone posited Autism as a Masculine Personality Overdose, and I'm thinking, there might be a similar class of disorder, that might be called Right-Brainedness.

Kashew said...

Hmmmmmmm, so what's that say about me when I THINK I'm on autopilot and absolutely miss my exit??

Maybe get off the road, you idjit? :)

Interesting and thought-provoking as always

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ What you write is always fascinating and sometimes profound. I don't necessarily agree with the pat phrase "we judge others as we demand judgement" (even while I know that's a popularly held belief). The reason I say this is I withdraw from that which feels uncomfortable -- calling the discomforting behavior what it is. It does NOT mean I also go around acting so intense with my beliefs - pushing it upon others.

Kashew ~ I always love it when you stop by to leave a comment. {{Thank you.}}


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