Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Burn Me At The Stake Already (It's Cold Outside)

Maybe it's not THAT cold (least not cold enough to wanna be burned at the stake) but I've been wearing long-johns since early fall. Now that I'm also wearing knitted leggings over the top of my jeans, admitting that I'm ready for the heat and passion of spring is an understatement. I feel I could be rolled down a steep hill and not get hurt (I'm that padded with clothing).

Happy Inaugural Day Everybody! It looks like all of the public relations staff at the Seattle Times took the morning off because some tacky graphics designer got away with painting the entire front page of that paper in black. The Black Seattle Times arrived at my house featuring a large full color photo of Obama surrounded by smaller black and white images of all preceding presidents. Is it just me, or does that seem incredibly ignorant to you? (To emphasize how Obama is the only "colored" president). {It's time people around this globe stop emphasizing our president's race and start valuing him for the incredible gifts, inspiration and darling big ears he brings to the world instead.} :D

Inside that newspaper -- there was a headline that made me want to vomit: "What Obama Could Learn From Bush." {Just the idea seemed so disturbing to me, I could not make myself read it.}

For my usual exercise routine, I took a long walk to get coffee from the Starbucks inside of Safeway this morning. As always, I traveled with my elaborately decorated walking stick and strangers never fail to strike up conversations with me because of it. "Nice stick. Where'd you get it?" they always ask. (Sure beats talking about moldy cheese that someone found in the dairy section.)

I've found it interesting to realize a lot more people read this blog than those who subscribe. At least, I receive occasional emails from readers who ask me questions, but either because my blog is controversial or they're ashamed to admit they talk to an environmental, psychic, freelance-writer, batty woman on a regular basis they don't post comments publicly. No matter. If you're a closet reader or a proud subscriber, you are loved by me, just the same. :D


Fijufic said...

I will never ever be ashamed to come and visit. I can't believe anyone would think that way.


SunTiger said...

Your fun. Like your hair these days. :D

M. Alianna said...

Ditto. I don't think anyone would consider that. It's possible they subscribe anonymously.
Happy Humpday!

SunTiger said...

It IS Humpday (now that I'm reading this). Isn't it! (I'm feeling so grateful for the fact that Doug has tomorrow off. It feels like forever since we've had a day off together. I suppose that means I better get to work now . . . so I can take the morrow off with him.

Her Speak said...

Thank you for visiting my blog home! :) How awesome to have found you! I look forward to reading more--I like batty people. ;P

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

Arawn Graalrd said...

'Tis the season to plan gardens,

Don't put your belfry too close to Mrs. Kravitz, or she'll poison the mosquitoes, but build it some place, where your hidden camera can get a good view, and you can plant pumpkins under their toilet.

Plant some Granite and Basalt Gravel in the Compost Heap, and build the Batfry over that.

I know you live in Rain Forest Country, but I don't know how supplied you are with flying feed, but the best pumpkins grow under the Chicken Coop, and you'll want better, so minimize the drain on Kravitz Mosquitoes. There are Mosquitoes, which are good, and Mosquravitches, which are probably sick and poisoned.

Actually, I'm about ready to go over there, and turn Mrs. Kravitz into a Saint, unless you can think of a fate more heinous.

SunTiger said...

Her Speak ~ Glad to have found your blog as well.

Arawn ~ pumpkin leaves covered in guano? {Might look something like snow-berries until the blind put their glasses back on.} I haven't heard from Mrs. Kravitz in so long I all but forgot about her. :D

Dia said...

Hi from another environmeantally oriented Tiger woman -
What happens with me - I check out someone's blog, see an interesting link on the blog roll, & roll along, perhaps several times!
. . . If I find myself visiting someone several times (like Molly :) I may sign up to 'follow,' & I'm always tickled to see a new face amongst my followers . . . .
My mama talked about having bats in their house or barn, I have always been pleased when I know bats are around. Some local folks make & sell bat houses - I have yet to put mine up!! Now would be a good time - maybe over the comfrey?

SunTiger said...

Thank you for stopping by Dia. Putting up a bat house takes patience. Most folks say it takes two years before bats show up. I set my house up last spring so hope this is the spring the bats move in. {Fingers crossed.}


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