Monday, January 19, 2009

Bat-A-Bing-A-Boom (More On Bats)

Studying bats really made me gain a new affinity for them. Prior to my training, on Saturday, I had no idea these animals were so incredibly valuable to the environment. While all bats fertilize the earth with their highly nutritive guano (bat waste) some species pollinate and spread seeds in such an effective manner, they put determined human-environmentalist to shame when it comes to launching new reforestation efforts.

Other bat species consume ridiculous amounts of predatory insects. Hate mosquitoes? Put up a bat house (instead of a bug zapper). A single tiny insectivore bat can consume more than a thousand mosquitoes in an hour!

They're cute. They're a lot like human beings in the way some love to party while others prefer to live alone. I could go on (but I'm writing an article for a Pagan journal on the topic and don't want to spoil that bit of work by releasing all the information here).

Here's an excellent *reputable* bat website for gaining more valuable information on the eco-friendly animals:

Plans for building bat houses are available at The group that trained me strongly preferred the featured “rocket bat box” as the house they observed, over time, for successfully drawing the most bats!

Want bats for your computer desktop wallpaper? See:

Here's a really cool video (no sound) on bats LEAVING a domestic bat-house. You can really see how many bats huddle together to keep warm during the summer months in such a small back-yard structure.

* Why do Mexico's Vampire Bats drink blood ?....Because coffee keeps them awake all night!! (Note: out of nearly 1,000 species of bats, only THREE lap blood).

* Where do most baby bats go during the summer? . . . Dayscare centers

Happy Martin Luther King Holiday Everyone!


Fijufic said...

I love bats...\\they are pretty cool once you figure them out.

Thank you for being so kind to me during this transition to Blogspot.

You were right.


SunTiger said...

YAY. You're so kind. {I totally hate it when someone tells me I'm WRONG!} . . . (-;

Fijufic said...

We have trees. Right up on the shoreline the trees are rather short by virtue of the fact that we have some serious winds whipping across the water. You graduate from a dune environment to one that has trees. Trees simply don't fare well in the sand. We do have some anchinet live oak trees that are short and gnarly by the water. I'll snap a pic of one and post it sometime as I think they are beautiful.

I also have to take pictures of the transition for you.

As for the grass being dormant in the winter (tifsport bermuda) you make up for it in blazing heat and humidity in the summertime. We have our share of fescue lawns but it gets battered in the summertime
We are at the transition line for either of these grass types.

We are both attracted to the outdoors and nature. Beats the crap out of playing video games...


php kursu said...

tahnks for subject

SunTiger said...

php kursu ~ You're certainly welcome. {Thanks for being interested!}


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