Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Updates for 2009

I finished my hypnotherapy training and now need to submit all my continuing education credits to the state for licensure and to a national certification organization for certification. With the $175 I already paid to renew my national certification credentials in massage therapy (so I can continue to touch people, legally) I'm not looking for the new hypnotherapy fees (money charged before I can even begin to see clients).

I have so many goals for the year 2009. At the core of my being, I see a huge necessity to DIVERSIFY my work. Therefore, in addition to beefing up my freelance writing endeavors, I will also be teaching more metaphysical classes and will launch Reiki initiation opportunities for those interested in learning energy healing techniques.

I'm also planning a trip to New York City this coming July. I've been wanting to go to New York for many years now (having never been there before) and since trying to plan such a trip w/my spouse has always resulted in thwarted plans, I'm now planning to travel with either a gal pal (who is looking into her schedule) or with my sister; but if neither of them can go: I will travel alone; I'm THAT determined.

Perhaps I will take a continuing education course while in New York or else schedule myself as an instructor at some metaphysical book store, so I can count the fun trip off my 2009 taxes.

The upcoming year is going to be a time where opportunists (those who can develop innovative products and/or otherwise follow their intuition for generating unique sources of income) will thrive. Others, who do not follow their intuition, might not end up quite so lucky as they approach the year's end with a sense of hopelessness instead of with a strong resolve to adapt and float in the same direction as the changing tides.

Which end of the abundance spectrum will you find yourself at? Tarot wisdom can provide clues into obstacles and energies that might lay ahead. Norse Runes can also tell you what obstacles might provide points for you to address.

May you, dear reader, step into your future with a strong sense of personal value, with a clear realization of your own high value. May you confidently remember the bright shining soul and creative/intelligent being you knew yourself to be at birth; long before naysayers and life struggles skewed your powerful sense of identity.

As I move further into the year 2009, I expect to drop 10 pounds. I picked up some protein shakes, tonight. to help that effort, after spending the day w/my middle kid, Joanna (who is visiting us all here in Washington, while she attends college in Oklahoma).

I also realized how strongly I want to get more active in my environmental volunteer efforts. Beginning this coming Saturday I take my first class as a "bat ambassadar."

"To a happier future, for all of us!" (I cheer as I sip a glass of red CHARIOT gypsy wine). :D The diet begins in the morning. "Here here."


Panademona said...

Reiki sounds interesting. One of these days I'm going to have to learn. Other things to do first though. This years is going to be a busy one for me. I have lots of plans! :-)

KIT said...

I'm interested in hearing more about being a bat ambasador...

BonnieBehave said...

This is so cool, did you know that I am a massage therapist and a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki? :) Of course, due to some issues with my hands and particularly my right thumb, I don't work as a CMT anymore... just do it occasionally for family and friends. We have a lot in common. ;)

TheLubeFaerie said...

Cheers to a happy Future. My goal this year is to start building my own business after Zion gets through his next 2 surgeries. I also thought about going to a Reiki specialist for Zion. He would scoff at me though.

Fijufic said...

We work on the environment all the time with the save the bay foundation. (Chesapeake BAy Foundation).

My daughter is fond of the SPCA and my wife is just an outright humanitarian.

I think this is why we are friends Sun...

Tish/Desert Crone said...

While in NYC be sure to visit the Museum of Sex, In spite of the provocative title, it is worth the couple of hours it takes to wander through and read about all the exhibits.

Thanks for the well wishes!

SunTiger said...

Pandemona ~ hands-on healing is indeed an interesting phenomena. :D

Kit ~ I'll blog about it. {I promise.}

BonnieBehave ~ Did you pay $10,000.00 for your master's credentials? My first teacher was of the Usui lineage and she insisted on huge fees for second and third atunement. After the first class -- I started completely over with a much more reasonably priced presenter and took many months to finalize my training.

TheLubeFaerie ~ Ridicule. So limiting and worthless. {I hope you go.}

Fijufic ~ and here I thought you and I were friends because we're both just so oober-cool and popular. LOL.

Tish/Desert Crone ~ It's now on my list (way too funny. Thanks for the tip). Got any more fascinating advice?

Arawn Graalrd said...

The museum I've been hoping to see, in NYC, is the John Ericson, famous for designing the USS Monitor. He earlier designed a Caloric Engine, more efficient than the Steam Engine, but the principles have undoubtedly been adapted for power systems. I've a brother, living in NYC, but he'll move to Brooklyn, when he returns from his incipient honeymoon.
The Church I'm planning to create myself a fortune with, would be an ordering of the Habitats of our scale of Family, and the basis of this, might be of interest to BonnieBehave and TheLubeFairy. There's a practice that I'd like the Scientologists to go a bit off label, on, which was developed for Children, but is good for Family, and that's The Hand Clapping Game. Each person takes a turn, leading the others in how to clap, mirror image wise, it's technically a stirring cauldron, and was probably developed by a past life Templar. A cauldron should feed a brotherhood, but it's the ministry that feeds the cauldron, and Touch Assist, or any laying of hands, or even Industry, could bring the energy to the table, that would make the Hand Clapping Game really bite.
Touch Assist is described in Mechanistic terms, as a way of opening the neurological synapses, and better circulation in the effected area, but is actually a way of making the space by which to relax the Chi, and it's the healling done, that advances the Reiki practicioner. It wouldn't be stopped, by the practicioner having a sore thumb, or any ritualistic belief in Science; it could be stopped, by the practicioner being as chicken as I am.
Touch Assist, and The Hand Clapping Game, will give you a good church ritual, that could even claim Christianity. My OEcoscaluire Program will be using something similar to Touch Assist, but across the Scale of Family.
July, huh, I'll have to see what I can accomplish before that. Could you count travel for a church service, on your taxes?
Arawn Graalrd


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