Friday, January 9, 2009

Feel A LITTLE Paranoid??? {If not, you will}

Is the U.S. Government scanning and reading your mind? According to a "60 Minutes" investigative newscast, neuroscience has taken us into very invasive mind-reading technology nicknamed "thought intervention." You don't have to believe ME when I that say brain imaging technology now exists so that whatever you are thinking about could potentially become public information.

60 Minutes did a story on
"Function MRIs" (FMRI). Here is a very short excerpt from that newscast which talks a little bit about it. This raises the question: "who, exactly, has access to our brains?"

Think of the positive possibilities where a laser-light could convey the content of your mind to a nearby printer:
* We could suddenly know for sure if some comatose patient, or a patient at death's door, has thoughts to convey to the family when that patient could not otherwise talk
* Severely handicapped people who have full mental capacity could begin to communicate through this computerized technology.
* Hardened criminals would not be able to pass THIS lie detector technology!
* Pedophiles and rapists would not be able to misguide their criminal psychologist about being cured when they are not

Here's a few possible NEGATIVE implications:
* A small undetectable lazer could potentially invade your thoughts w/o you knowing it
* This could be the next invasive step toward monitoring your shopping habits
* Employers could potentially scan your brain, limiting your prospects for getting or keeping a job.
* Privacy rights could be breached by a too power-hungry government or crime group
* Someone could scan your brain when you type a security code into a cash machine and/or debit card machine (and later rob your purse to steal all your money) :(
* Your spouse would not have to rely on psychic feedback to learn if you really did sleep with that scrawny pale white guy at the New Year's Eve party.

(There are so many more opportunities for violating privacy laws/abusing our legal system with this new technology. I'm certain I'm not thinking about half the ways this could be used in a criminal fashion).

For more videos on this topic (by 60 minutes) see:

I had a very positive day in school, yesterday. Hypnotherapy rocks. Thank those of you who burned a candle in my honor. {Richest blessings!}


KIT said...

Wow! That's scary technology! (

Panademona said...

Well that is rather frightening but since I am working on positive thinking for the New Year, I will say using that technology to violate human rights is illegal and therefore is not likely to happen in the percievable future.

Fijufic said...

I doubt anyone wants to know what goes on inside my head other than my wife....


Arawn Graalrd said...

Pandemona is seriously lacking faith in our legal system, if she thinks illegality can stop it from deciding what's illegal. This technology will not stop child abusers, and rape of privacy is going to be one of the worst. We need Privacy, if we're to dare think for ourselves, and those who'd rather we not think for ourselves, are the very people, who should not be allowed any thoughts.
It's time for the Tin-Foil Turban. Imagine what the weapon detectors will do, when your religion requires access to all places of civic discourse, wearing aluminum foil about your hair. Properly, we should have a program, where people show us, what they may, and hide from us, what they should; this sort of thing has been going on, in past civilizations, to an extent that you can't recover knowledge of those civilizations without a pendulum.
Regard the Lesson of Pandora; if the thoughts aren't opened, no matter how awful they've been, no hope will be born.

TuesdayPillow said...

All I can think of when reading this was of 1984.

BonnieBehave said...

I'm not surprised. Call me crazy but I think we have tons of advanced technology that's not on the market. Of course, I am into sci-fi, so it shouldn't be surprising, lol.

Kashew said...

Hey Lovely Lady! I be here now, after the demise of JS. Such forward thinking that you got here long before....are you psychic or something?? :) Good to see you!

SunTiger said...

Kit ~ Yes it is (especially when considering how those with positions of financial power have abused such privileges this past year -- I mean, what will they do with the power of KNOWLEDGE?).

Panademona ~ We will have to redefine what human rights mean to make this an illegality; I'm afraid (since the technology is so new, it's doubtful there are laws written clearly enough to make it illegal).

Fijufic ~ LOL. {Thanks for the humor.}

Arawn ~ I think you meant to say that Panademona is TRUSTING our legal system too much (when it's a legal system and not necessarily a JUST system). Regarding weapon detectors -- using this technology at airports might seriously keep some little old grandma's from getting frisked while traveling through security systems. :D

Tuesday Pillow ~ 1984? Do you mean George Orwell??? {A book he wrote where he predicted 1984 would be a "big brother warning" where government would be monitoring civillians/censoring our thoughts, etc.}

Bonnie Behave ~ So much of what's been written is Science Fiction is already reality. {You're right about that.} And, yes, I do believe in real-life werewolves and vampires; etc. I've experienced such, metaphysically.

Kashew ~ So glad you made the switch to blogspot. You're so funny. Yes I did feel strongly motivated to leave and I did see JS bloggers following me but I did NOT see the great Journalspace crash . . . only the pilgrimage. {Richest blessings, love}.

Æshe said...

It is very interesting, wonder how far tech will really take us, and how much of the stuff that they are pursuing will really get made. I can't see this comming for quite a while.

SunTiger said...

Æshe ~ Considering what both Mayan Seers and Michel de Nostredame (aka: "Nostradamas") have to say about the year 2012 . . . I don't think huge changes in our world are too far away.

It's fascinating to try to figure out what sort of changes, exactly, might come.


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