Friday, January 9, 2009

Such Haunting Dreams Last Night

I experienced the most incredible haunted house dream last night. I was living in a very angry home where (for some bizarre reason) I decided NOT to move out; even while I made no attempt to ask the horrifically angry spirits to leave. The house, meanwhile, was transforming my various pets from the beloved souls I know into horrible uneven-eyed monsters with disfigured bodies; and their eyes proved discolored where one did not match the other.

Even my spouse was becoming horribly deformed, while we lay in bed together. Still, I would not address the problem or choose to leave.

The details of this dream were so incredible. I'm putting them into the book I've been writing for quite some time. Some of the story involves bread that spontaneously grows mold the very moment it's exposed to air; much more.

Last night, during hypnotherapy class, I admitted I was feeling a lot of anger lately. You'd think that admitting such among a group of counselor-types would be very safe and a good therapeutic thing to do. Instead, I got accused of creating bad karma, etc.

I do not know WHY such classroom accusations utterly amused me. Maybe it's because a lot of the new-age philosophies taught in this class -- and the subsequent judgment against my character -- come from the seemingly most pioused sort.

Anyhoo . . . wish me luck in school today. Maybe burn a candle to surround me with greater wisdom. (What color would a wisdom candle be? I dunno. I'd think of massaging cinnamon oil or coffee grounds with a carrier oil onto a white candle to keep my brain alert might help).

Want me to burn a candle for you sometime? Just ask!

Today's haunted-house image was borrowed. From now onward (since blogspot allows me to do this really cool thing) when you click on a picture in my blog, meaning: when I have BORROWED it from the Internet, that image will have a hyperlink that will take you directly to the original source. I truly hope more bloggers will begin to respect their resources in the same way -- provide a hyperlink back to the main source.


Fijufic said...

Bad Juju from you? What angers you? Is it you or is it them reacting to you?

you do not strike me as one who has bad karma.


TheLubeFaerie said...

Must have been an odd dreaming night. Not the first odd dream I heard of today. I will burn a yellow candle for you. Yellow is for wisdom~

Dorrie said...

hi there!! it's me, Westy heehee

I haven't had ANY dreams lately... is that a good sign? I don't know.

Panademona said...

Dreams are usually symbolic of situations and feelings in your waking life.

It is good you are good natured when people make comments of a critical nature to you.

I find dark blue or purple are wisdom colours but white works for everything as long you focus your intent. :-)

Have a wonderful day!!!

becomingkate said...

I hope that whatever is angering you calms down a bit. That can be exhausting!

Arawn Graalrd said...

Wisdom? Hmmm, Wisdom is Vedantist, and Candle Magic is Pagan, stemming as it does from Agni, the first of Pagan Gods. I'd suggest Butter, or even Clarified Butter.
really just lit a candle, to feel a bit warmer, and have to work some Wisdom Magic, to make money.
I plan on making money the old fashion way, but redefining the standards of Acknowledgement.
Counsellors shouldn't be afraid of Bad Karma, but Hypnotherapists might be of a nervous sort, especially as they're of the meditation walk sort. Suppressing Karma creates a taint of Karma of its own, but also reveals a must hide of karma. The Anger can be dealt with, by fairly simple means, if you're willing to restore relations with the idiot who ought better be added to your buttered candle.
Let's see what Rider&Waite have to suggest... Drawn is the Knight of Swords Inverted: Incapacity; Imprudence; Dispute or ruin over a woman; Impulsive mistakes; Conceited fool; Simplicity... Oh, did you call your relatives, recently; which of them display this energy?

SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ I do NOT have bad karma. The same people who say I do have it also say that disease and sickness is caused by the patient him or herself. Tell that to my precious 3 1/2-year-old dachshund with serious hip problems. What sort of bad karma could SHE possibly have?

The LubeFaerie ~ Wow. Thank you, luv. I had a good day today. Your candle worked! :D

Dorrie ~ Hey, Westy. Everyone dreams nightly (or so the scientists say). Not remembering it could mean you miss out on an important message or on an opportunity to write incredible poetry/otherwise express yourself artistically. So, from my viewpoint, not dreaming is a disappointment. {Happy memorable dreams from now on. Mmmmkay?}

Panademona ~ You are absolutely right (about dreams typically being very symbolic). Dark blue and purple remind me of the throat and third eye chakras . . . perceivably burning such a candle could therefore enhance psychic and communication abilities . . . which could influence wisdom. {Thank you for the suggestions.}

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ You must have posted your comment the same time I posted mine. I seriously feel your Tarot reading fit 100% this time. Way-to-go; partner.


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