Tuesday, January 13, 2009

? déjà vu ?

Last night I dreamed I was given an amber colored pill – a sort of vitamin that looked like elongated cod-liver oil tablets with its translucent color. I held the pill up to the light and saw what looked like the top of a windmill inside. It had beautiful rainbow-colored blades and while it spun around, it radiated many pastel colors like a crystal.

On some level, I knew this spinning machine was a government tracking device, and the pill had been handed to me as a vitamin . . . something that’s supposed to be for my own good, by someone I trusted.
I’m now incorporating that dream experience into my book and the more I write about it the more I’m feeling like perhaps this topic could have been written about before (but I don’t know of any published books where I’ve read of such a thing).

It just feels like some sort of déjà vu experience.

There have been a few times when I received a psychic impression, via dream or vision, and after I called up my best-buddy Faerheart to tell her of my new revelation, I've often felt utterly disappointed to have her exclaim: “Oh! I read about that from such and such a resource.” Because of those experiences, I am often cautious about writing my revelations down for fear of being accused that I’m using something other than my own work.

These types of experiences certainly give credit to what American author Ambrose Bierce (1842-1913) once wrote: “There is nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don't know.”

I’m hoping my deviant dream is related to our distant past – long before we knew to document such experiences in books. I’d much prefer to think of these pills as a past-life experience rather than something from the future. I want our future to offer a much more kind and loving existence, where we can all trust one another.

RATIONALLY THINKING: I’ve seen too many fantasy books published which effectively foretold of future events (while the author may not have fully realized their individual gift of prophecy at the time).


becomingkate said...

My favourite futuristic book of all time is called This Perfect Day, by Ira Levin.
Have a good one ST!

Fijufic said...


Don't know what to say. Perhaps we are all part of the matrix.

I believe we are bound together by our humanity.

*one snow ball coming right for ya!!!*


Arawn Graalrd said...

Glad to hear you're coming to the New York Area; I'll have to get the Holy Grail warmed up and ready. It's actually a large investment, for me to visit that city, but I might download something from Second Life.
The Government Tracking Device, in a "Vitamin Pill," from someone you trusted, which was obviously not a Bush or a Clinton, leads me to wonder, how proud Obama will be, of that Trophe Horse, and what form will it take. He should be proud of his Islamic Heritage, when he makes his Oath or Affirmation, and give his full middle name, but it could be a very bad omen.
There's evidence, that our recent economic woes, come from Enron Veterans, working on Wall Street, and it smells like Rats of Wealth are jumping ship, so wisdom and courage will be important to market, before we discover why, on a wide basis.
I'm certainly going to have to publish an economic remedy, in the coming months, but it's a bit cold, for walking about the block.

Arawn Graalrd

greeneyes67 said...

What a vivid dream! I dreamed about some people that have played major roles in my life last night. And babies. I've been dreaming of babies lately. Weird.. Have a good day ST!!

SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ Why did you like that book (do tell).

Fijufic ~ Snowball to the side of the head and quick body-slam to the fluffy ground back.

Arawn ~ I like that depiction: "Rats of Wealth. How fitting!

Greeneyes ~ Babies feel like such a burden to me now that my kids are all grown and the only time I see such little brats is when they're screaming inside an otherwise quiet restaurant. Babies represent too much responsibility to me! What do they symbolize for you?

Arawn Graalrd said...

Christ, Marx, Wood, Wei,
Gave to us,
this perfect day.
I think Babies are a natural response, to the threat of Death, and Death is a problem, because it tells you that you can't attend the same parties, anymore. Have babies, because you can outbreed death, and still not attend the same parties...
Babies are nice, because they are people; if they aren't real people, they're a damned burden.
Fijufic and BecomingKate posted the same time I did, which sort of thing happened before...
We might be bound togeather by our humanity, but a family of any size requires an occassional breather, for its membership. If there's one dysfunctional family, it's Man.
One thing I'd like to do, is a Family Therapy, extending across a spectrum of family, from Person to the Whole of Creation, but to deal with Puberty, I'd do a healling of Death, and the Birth Community, so both subjects can be happily relaxed.
Arawn Graalrd

Labetine said...

Oh I hate dreams like that. I've been dreaming a lot lately and they aren't good dreams. :(

SunTiger said...

Arawn: Out-breed death? Surely you speak of a species and not about the individual who spurted children out from between her legs; as though that made her live forever and never die.

Consider the lemming. Such rodents from the Arctic tundra (including Norway) breed rapidly . . . then they seem to perform mass suicide as their population growth spurs them on toward massive migrations where many end up falling over the edge of cliffs.

Betty ~ I don't fear dreams. They cannot hurt us. I don't think I've heard of anyone dying by dreaming either.


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