Friday, December 19, 2008

Reckon There'll Be A Reckoning?

I’m feeling emotionally frustrated. “Give me a sign.” I don’t think it’s NORMAL for someone who’s on her own metaphysically-enlightened journey to feel like she doesn’t have all of the answers! {Why this feeling of so much discontent?}

So I delve into the definition of the Rune named “Ingwas.” This Rune encourages me to channel my energies into a single focused point of intent. Thrust all my efforts toward a single intention. So I expand my reality to feel the energies of what’s happening Universally.

According to “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes” (an awesome book) Ingwas coincides with the “Judgment” Tarot card. From Tarot wisdom, I realize my message today is the reward for past efforts will soon appear; a time of reckoning for one’s own journey is upon you, me, all of us.


Arawn Graalrd said...

Feeling as though you don't have all the answers, as opposed to not having all the answers? That could be a stage of Enlightenment.
I was reading something, a few days back, about how most Insane were bothered by something that others didn't know about. Every Insane Person, is simply acting according to a world that others don't perceive, and any proffessional, in that field, should be at peace, with not knowing what he's dealling with, but wiling to discover something new.
So, yes, why would you be discontent, with having something to discover?
Drawn is Six of Swords Inverted: Stalemate; Unwanted Proposal; Confession; Declaration... Hmmmm, you know, the secret of the universe, is that the universe has no secrets; it's kept people looking a long-long time.
Arawn Graalrd

Skuld said...

Ingwaz is a great rune to work with when you are feeling this way! A rune of creation, focusing your intent and "transforming"... these transformations generally lead to a new beginning hopefully a positive one! You can bind Ingwaz with Uruz to gain that raw burst you were speaking of.

SunTiger said...

Arawn: I really like this: "the secret of the universe, is that the universe has no secrets." Thank you. :D

Skuld: (So love your Norse Norn name!)My last full moon ritual addressed her -- called her blessed. Thank you for the suggestion about the binding rune. Uruz sure represents that great strength of the auroch/bison (or the strength needed to master one, depending how one looks at it). LOL.


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