Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dreams, Runes & Norse Mythology

I dreamed very vividly last night. I was a very self-sufficient female, talented at settling my own affairs even while the dream was set in a historic era when women were discouraged from being assertive. Somehow I managed to catch the attention of the mafia and members kept “interviewing” me – as though the king pin wanted to determine my allegiances.

At one point I realized the mafia saw me as a potential threat. I could identify too many members and had seen terrible things go down. One mafia member, from a very loving Hawaiian family, willingly hacked his large brother to death with a machete while the family picnicked at a heavily populated public park. His first whack was not very motivated (as his devoted and unsuspecting brother had done nothing but love him) and the murdering brother only cut a couple of inches into his sibling’s thick shoulder. The rest of the mafia members had to step in to finish the family off. Knowing it would be a very bloody scene, I turned and walked away (feeling the mafia brother was “scum” for selling out such kind and loving people for the pursuit of his own material wealth).

The dream troubled me deeply until I opened my favorite Rune book: “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes” and I turned to the depiction of Eihwaz (pronounced: “eye+was”/pictured). There I was reminded of the wisdom of Odin, god of nobility and warriors: how Odin lived a life of personal sacrifice; painfully plucked out his own eye (after willingly hanging himself upside down for 9 days on the spinning tree of knowledge). Because of his selflessness and perseverance, Odin received the wisdom of the runes and he shared it freely with his people. Later, Odin boldly went into battle with Fenris the Wolf, even though he and all the gods knew Odin's destiny would end with the beast swallowing him.

The story made me wonder (given all the slime-ball machete hackers who are currently in positions of power -- stealing money from little old ladies) how many of us alive today live by Odin’s code of honor? How many would do battle with a giant wolf, when we know our fate is certain death.

* Today's picture of the battle between Odin & Fenris was borrowed from


Luna said...

Interesting dream and interesting question! I believe that there are not too many folks that are honorable. I used to follow a vanic witchcraft path, and am familiar with Norse ways... It is a very honorable and noble path to follow. I wish more people thought that way; including myself! lol

SunTiger said...

There are so many spiritual paths for witches to hike. I just recently learned of a Santeria Wicca religion!
{Weird how two seemingly very different religious paths can combine forces to form one}.

Seidhr -- or seance work -- is a practice encouraged by the Vanic/German witchcraft. No? {There's so much I do not know about Vanic Witchcraft. I do hope you'll share more from your blog as I really appreciated your entry today.)


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