Monday, December 22, 2008

On Faeries and Elvis

I keep seeing white shadows moving about my home. Skye (my daughter-in-law) has seen them too and she's also described a brownish-sort of orb flitting about. I know I have Faeries living with me; even when I haven't seen them in color -- as I have seen goblins (clear as day) haunting another home I cleared for a customer. In our house, Skye has watched me lay down an oven mitt, turn around, and then just as she looked down at her cross-stitch and when I turned back to collect it again, the mitt was completely gone (nowhere to be found).

Blogging about my experiences is only one way to honor the fey.

All this fun is accentuated with the heavy snowfall we now enjoy in the Pacific Northwest. I drove Skye (in my 4wd pickup) to her interview this morning and she snagged the job. They said she's hired providing her drug test (I drove her to the clinic after her interview) turns out clean. Skye only steps in the white powdery stuff on snowy days like today -- she doesn't snort it -- so I know she's a shoe-in!

Happy winter, everybody. {Stay warm.}

Below is the Hoodoo Gurus cool version of "Drummer Boy" (wish the soundtrack was a little better, but I checked and the song IS available for purchase on iTunes, from their "Kinky" album!)

Just for a Yule-time happy ending: honoring my grandmother Dorothy who LOVED celebrating the winter holidays with the likes of Elvis Presley. . . here's "Blue Xmas;" just for her." :D


Tish said...

Happy holidays to you and yours--and big congrats to Skye on the job!

SunTiger said...

Yay! {Thank you!}


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