Monday, December 1, 2008

December 2008 holds so much promise

I am reorganizing my life right now. Even while the Dutch government just today launched its ban against the sale and possession of magic mushrooms (seemingly going backwards, as a society, if you ask me -- I mean, who has the right to legislate what Gaia wants to provide for her children?) I'm feeling incredibly inspired.

I'm actually ready to get back into teaching pendulum divination classes and am going to run out the door (just now) to explore the possibility of renting a hotel meeting room for hosting such fun adventures.

Realizing our history, I feel extra blessed to be feeling so optimistic.

DECEMBER 1st in history:

This Monday is not only the 335th day of this year, but on this date in 1969, the United States launched its draft lottery (first time since the World War II draft) for American citizens to go over and fight in Vietnam. What's more, on December 1,1981, the world finally acknowledged the AIDS virus, officially.

With such difficult memories . . . I feel extra thankful for the upcoming Yule season, which promises to offer some reprieve from so much negative information we find in the newspapers and on television. I vow to be very generous this season, as well as conscientious about the well-being of others.

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Arawn Graalord said...

I think the Draft Lottery was launched, because there were too many death threats against the local draft boards, by their fellow masons. That war was a mess, but our government had the idea, that wars were good for business, and the Baby Boom had wiped out all the jobs.

Janice Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix let the CIA know, what the Cong were doing with the Heroine, that our spooks had spiked.

Ad Hoc Quercus OEconomica, the concept of Market Niche is only a band in a spectrum of Ecology. Ecology could be described as care of a family, where Family is not a racist term, but Birth Community is only a paradigm. The Individual could be described as a Family, and this allows Marriage to be described as a church of two gods, where each worships at the temple of the other. I want to put something togeather, that would perform a light healling, on the entire OEconomic Spectrum, from Animal to God, including the Songbirds and Petroleum.

Luna said...

You have the right idea. I think I will bury myself in Yuletide "happiness"... and count my many blessings instead of focusing on the challenges in my life.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Government STILL has the idea that war is good for business (but look where that's got us! {Thanks for stopping by again, my friend.}

Luna ~ EVERYONE is inundated with challenges these days. The key is to keep putting positive intent into our drinking water and manifesting abundance and growth for ourselves. Rihest blessings. Thanks for stopping by again. :D


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