Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I never made the rounds to local hotels for renting a conference room for divination classes yesterday. I built a website (http://SunTigerMojo.com) instead. So NOW I'm going to head out the door for that previously stated effort (wish me luck). My first pendulum class will happen on Tuesday, December 30, 2008; as the planets will be in alignment for supporting that effort on that date.

(As seen on a bumper sticker): Witches use brooms because nature abhors a vacuum.

* Feel free to offer other ideas for metaphysical classes that I should teach *such as scrying, etc.


Bobby said...

Hiya Sun. I have missed you.


SunTiger said...

Hi Bobby! I'll visit your blog (http://Fijufic.journalspace.com) very soon . . . have the house full of visitors!!! Yay for holiday travelers. :D

Corgimom/Tish said...

Love the bumper sticker!

My favorite, because it made me tilt my head and mentally ask, "Baroo?"is: Jesus helps me trick people.

Enjoy your holiday visitors!

SunTiger said...

Tish ~ For someone who always makes sense, you totally dumbfounded me with that comment (for the life of me, I'm not understanding what you meant to convey). LOL.

Tish said...

"Baroo?" is what your dog asks when his/her head goes sideways and eyebrows furrow.

Otherwise, as I said, the bumper sticker (thought for the day?) about Jesus just confuses me, but I like it.

SunTiger said...

I'm not sure where you get the word BAROO . . . I checked to see if I made a typo but I didn't.

"Witches use brooms because nature abhors a vacuum."

Are you trying to say Baroom????

Companion Wulf said...

Pallomancy is quite an interesting method of divination, but I couldn't ever get into it. In fact, there are over 1,500 different methods and mutations of divination that I wrote a book about them (unpublished though it is).

SunTiger said...

So, Wulf, WHY is your book unpublished????


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