Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Back From Portland

On Thanksgiving Day, Doug and I took a walk around downtown Portland (we drove down to Oregon for the holiday). The above pictured seagull wanted his picture taken so I obliged. Isn't he cute?This image of the White Eagle bar was taken after we learned the place is deeply haunted. Historically, this was a whore-house where black prostitutes worked from the basement while white prostitutes worked the second floor. Reportedly, numerous paranormal activities continue to happen here and ghostly apparitions have been reported walking from the bar (one of them flushes a toilet in the men's room; time after time).
We had beautiful weather, downtown. Below is a picture of our most hideously decorated Kimptom hotel room (this is supposed to have a five star rating).
Much of Oregon's architecture is so ornate with stained glass windows and art-deco worked into the exterior structures.
I loved the elaborately designed churches.
Do these heavy wooden doors look Celtic to you?
This sign was strung from the west wall of the Portland Unitarian Universalist church.


Arawn Graalord said...

My advice to the Unitarians, is to be a place of Healling, and let wars be opposed, as they are otherwise fought. The Quakers have the same problem, Alcoholics Annonymous had a predecessor, that was torn apart by the Slavery Issue. How a minister touches the world, should be reflected on in Church, and practiced on his own time, and his own initiative. The Stem of their Graal comes from Arthur's Court, but the significance remains, if you can grasp the vessel, you can release the vessel, and only if you can release the vessel, would you dare to grasp it. It really matters little, whether the vessel contains your e-mail addresses, the blood of Jesus, or the whole of Creation, but your willingness to grasp and release, on earth and in heaven, is important to increase by the sharing, that your True Name can be revealed, to those who didn't even realise themselves living.

The Seagull looks a bit like the pigeons, in Bolt. Fun little morality toon, about a superhero, who saves a cat, by going that extra waffle.

I think I know a lawyer, in Portland, so let me know, if you have any immigration troubles there.

Actually, I'm worried, that our involvement in Iraq might be a laboratory of HomeSickness-PTSD, and it leaves me to wonder, what are we preparing for.


SunTiger said...

Looks like the Unitarians are actively opposing the war (if you ask me). I agree with you that the enlisted coming home may very likely suffer from PTSD. {Sadly.}

I believe the seagull was young (hence his ugly brownish/gray color?)

Cute joke about immigration troubles in Portland (silly man).

Marcheline said...

I'm sorry, I came down here to comment on your post, but now, that I've just read, the other comment, I can't seem, to remember, what I was going, to say,


p.s.,send,help,the commas,are swarming,*gasp*

SunTiger said...

LOL. My spouse and I call that "Some-Timer's Disease" (Happens to us, we can remember what we were going to do SOMEtimes).

Richest blessings.
~ SunTiger


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